Sustainably produced, powerful in action CRAFT II from Zumtobel Lighting

April 26, 2021
CRAFT II high-bay luminaires are produced in a zero-carbon manufacturing process and offer six unique light-distribution curves.

Sustainably produced, powerful in action: the CRAFT II family offers two stand-alone basic products: CRAFT II performance and CRAFT II plus.

CRAFT II performance is a highly efficient high-bay luminaire in a lightweight, yet robust sheet steel housing. Produced in a zero carbon production process, its six different light distribution curves make it extremely versatile.

CRAFT II plus high bay luminaire is distinguished by its impressive resilience and revolutionary thermal management. It uses two fundamental principles of physics to cool and clean itself, the Venturi effect and the Coandă effect. In a completely different class from its predecessor, this model can withstand high ambient temperatures of up to 70°C – over an entire life time of at least 100,000 hours. To deliver this performance it relies on the intelligent interplay of air pressure, air speed and air temperature plus the aluminium housing has excellent thermal conductivity.

Both high-bay luminaires have state-of-the-art optics and sensors, a wide range of mounting alternatives, the option of an end-to-end solution for integrating IoT services, in addition to presence detection, DALI addressable capability and also the high quality light output you would expect from a Zumtobel luminaire. Thanks to TIR (Total Internal Reflection) technology, transparent, laser-structured lenses reflect the entire ray of light like a mirror, distributing the light rays optimally, precisely and efficiently in a room. Glare is also reduced by the innovative "control glare" optic, whilst an integrated louvre enhances the appearance of the luminaire and creates two additional light distribution options, narrow beam and wide beam control glare. These are effective in reducing glare to a minimum and also enabling UGR<19.

The product family is available in three sizes from M to XL and in three different colour options of silver, white or black. The CRAFT II luminaires provide a lumen output between 10,000 and 50,000 lm and six different light distribution options, ranging from very wide and narrow beam to asymmetric, plus glare-free louvre variants. CRAFT II performance achieves 21,000 lm in size M, but with CRAFT II plus in size M this is as high as 25,000 lm. The entire product family avoids mixed materials to make it easier to feed back into the product cycle and therefore the environmental footprint is minimal.

For more information on CRAFT II performance and plus please visit Zumtobel’s website

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