EMA Celebrates Earth Day with Building Energy Efficiency Training and Resources

April 22, 2021
Building efficiency and the energy management profession is key to progress.

(Washington, DC April 21, 2021)— The Energy Management Association is honoring Earth Day by calling attention to a critical and overlooked solution to wasted energy: building efficiency.

The statistics tell a bleak story - EMA partner ENERGY STAR estimates that 30% of the energy consumed by US buildings is wasted, and according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration US residential and commercial buildings account for 40 percent of energy consumption. EMA recognizes that energy efficiency is a proven remedy for a green future. To tackle the feat, the group urges rising STEM students to enter the energy management field. They will find community, support, professional development, and continuing education resources with EMA. Below is a list of upcoming training sessions open to the public:

EMA - Virtual Energy Management Professional Certification Seminar

May 5-6, 2021

Register: https://www.energymgmt.org/emp-seminar/

GF Piping Systems  - Automation Technology for Effective Building Water Management

May 11, 2021

Register: https://www.energymgmt.org/events/automation-technology-for-effective-building-water-management/

BRAYN Consulting  - “The Triple Play” – Tax Incentives for Energy Efficient Designers

June 8, 2021

Register: https://www.energymgmt.org/the-triple-play-tax-incentives-for-energy-efficient-designers/

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Proving the Business Case for Building Analytics

July 13, 2021

Register: https://www.energymgmt.org/events/proving-the-business-case-for-building-analytics/

About EMA:

The Energy Management Association is dedicated to providing education, training and certification to energy management professionals on behalf of building owners. Its ANSI accredited and DOE Better Buildings Workforce® recognized Energy Management Professional Certification (EMP) features a commissioning-based curriculum that maximizes energy efficiency and optimization of building systems.


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