Business Climate Index of the European lighting industry published

April 1, 2021

Brussels, 1 April 2021 - To monitor the macro market data of the lighting sector in European countries, 10 member associations participated in a 3rd survey of the LightingEurope Business Climate Index (BCI). The data indicates a general trend of markets stabilizing in H2 2020 and in some countries even picking up.

Our member associations launched the LightingEurope BCI just before the Covid-19 pandemic in Winter 2020 to share their companies’ evaluation of the current market growth in their country and their forecast for the next six months.

The data is structured into indoor appliances (covering lighting fixtures including emergency lighting; decorative lighting is reported as a separate sub-category), outdoor appliances, light sources (both conventional and LED), drivers and components (active and passive components for luminaires and lighting systems). Companies are asked to estimate overall change in turnover in the current semester compared to the previous one, as well as the percentage of turnover generated by exports and by LED products.

10 LightingEurope member associations from 9 European countries participated to the third survey in February 2021: Syndicat d’Éclairage (France), ZVEI-Licht (Germany), ASSIL and Assoluce (Italy), Pol-lighting (Poland) and LightingSweden (Sweden), LIA (United Kingdom), LAI (Ireland), ANFALUM (Spain) and AGID (Turkey).

The latest survey indicates a general trend of the market stabilizing in H2 2020 and in some countries picking up. A negative trend continues in indoor lighting projects (hotels, malls, offices,...) while outdoor lighting is recovering better. The picture varies across the different countries and we assume this must be linked to differing COVID-19 lockdown policies being applied across Europe and their impact on the market. The 2021 forecast depends on how quickly governments will be able to control the pandemic without a lockdown, overall it is slightly positive. We note that other sectors of the electrotechnical industries are experiencing similar trends.

The LightingEurope BCI offers an overview of trends across different European markets, it allows associations to benchmark with other countries/markets and complements existing data collection activities of our member associations.

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