MetroSpec Technology announces FlexRad® PMount™ Technology

March 24, 2021
FlexRad® PMount™ technology enables quick and easy installation into LED light fixtures.

ST. PAUL, MN, March 24, 2021 - MetroSpec Technology, the leading American manufacturer of custom LED light sources announces FlexRad® PMount, a flexible LED engine pre-installed with press-in-place fasteners and connectors, enabling quick, even alignment into the fixture.

FlexRad® PMountquickly snaps into any fixture assembly. The need for jumpers, screws, taping, cables, sockets, and in some cases, entire heat sinks is eliminated; dramatically reducing manufacturing costs. Configured to order and shipped ready to install, PMount streamlines light fixture production lines by eliminating staging steps and work stations. PMount allows designers to take out all unnecessary system costs, and eliminate the burden of jumper and wire procurement, allowing for minimal wiring and simplistic installation. 

PMount can be incorporated into almost any FlexRad technology–Cut2Fit®, Linear360®, FacetCore, Hashtag®, Dim2Tone, etc.  While thermal adhesive tape is still an option, PMount adds increased versatility. FlexRad provides the highest light outputs and efficacies, enabling light quality and uniformity. FlexRad light engines are available in any CCT or CRI combination and in every option of color and tone control. 

“Our principal mission is to make fixture assembly simple and reliable for our customers.  PMount enables every one of our products, while reducing labor and cost.” said Vic Holec, MetroSpec Founder and General Manager.

Informational sheets and videos for FlexRad® technologies can be found on their website:  For more information on PMount, please email:  [email protected].

About MetroSpec Technology

MetroSpec Technology  is a LED light source design and manufacturing company specializing in custom flexible, high quality, high intensity lighting solutions tailored for light fixture manufacturers producing high end commercial, architectural, and hybrid lighting systems. MetroSpec offers quick development for all of their patented FlexRad LED light engines made exactly to custom specifications.  FlexRad designs are innovative, field proven and customizable to any shape and size with optional wires, connectors, or PMount press-in place fasteners.

MetroSpec Technology is located minutes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in St. Paul, Minnesota.


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