Gaggione and LensVector Debuts First Coupling System That Integrates A Collimating Optic and Dynamic Lens (UPDATED)

March 23, 2021
Gaggione and LensVector have developed a precision mechanical coupling system that brings together Gaggione’s LLC66N7 67-mm narrow beam-collimating optic with LensVector’s 65-mm M2M liquid-crystal lens.

MONTREAL-LA-CLUSE, France, San Jose CA, March 23, 2021 — Gaggione and LensVector today announced the realization of their product development cooperation, a precision coupling system that integrates Gaggione’s high-performance narrow beam collimating optic and LensVector’s M2M dynamic beam shaping lenses making it easier than ever for luminaire manufacturers to offer high quality collimating narrow beam optics that enable electronic beam shaping.

“It’s clear that in the architectural field, the ability to adjust and shape beams is becoming commonplace,” said Mike Pietro, Territorial Sales Manager of Gaggione US. “LensVector’s electronic, dynamic lens is the simplest, most reliable approach and fits perfectly with our objective to provide luminaire manufacturers with superior optical solutions.”

Gaggione and LensVector have collaborated to develop a precision mechanical coupling system that brings together Gaggione’s highest performance LLC66N7 67mm narrow beam Collimating Optic with LensVector’s 65mm M2M Liquid Crystal Lens. This complete, modular “drop in” optical system solution enables digital control from the narrowest beam of light to the widest flood without mechanical intervention. This combined solution can be applied to COBs and to the newest high-density LED arrays for smaller high-performance track fixtures and downlights that are used in demanding commercial lighting applications.

“Beam shaping can be done mechanically or electronically,” said Brent York, LensVector CEO. “Our electronic approach means fewer parts, a simpler system and a more reliable luminaire. Now matched with a fantastic collimating optic and holder, it’s easier and faster than ever to deliver beam shaping capability."

The Gaggione solution is available immediately from March 23, 2021. For more information, please visit

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Gaggione is an ISO 9001 certified French company and a leader in producing solutions using polymers for customers around the world. The company provides comprehensive design, development and manufacturing capabilities for the production of standardized and customized polymer optics with state of the art injection and surface treatment/coating production technologies and facilities through operations in France and three sister companies based in Geneva, Switzerland and Montreal, Canada.


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About LensVector

LensVector is transforming the shape of light from fixed reflectors and lenses with digital liquid crystal technology that allows light to be infinitely shaped on demand from IoT platforms, mobile devices, and modern control systems. LensVector’s innovative Dynamic Beam Shaping technology has been recognized with a 2018 Sapphire Award and as a Top Ten Innovation at the 2018 Light + Building Conference and Exhibition.



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