Louis Poulsen introduces Flindt Garden & Flindt Plaza

March 16, 2021
Louis Poulsen is introducing Flindt Garden and Plaza, extensions to their popular and design-forward Flindt collection by award-winning designer Christian Flindt.

The Flindt Garden bollard joins Louis Poulsen’s Flindt collection, developed by award-winning Danish designer Christian Flindt in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. The new, flexible bollard is available in two different heights and in three different mounting options. Flindt Garden offers immediate illumination in outdoor spaces - balancing simplicity and refinement in sculptural design that blends into any garden or outside living space.

With a cut-out design and materials selected to complement outdoor environments, the Flindt Garden can be extended with up to six bollards, each placed apart as far as fifteen feet, to truly stand out in repetitive installations. The piece emits a wide, downwardly directed, glare-free light and is available in a warm corten or aluminum finish.

The Flindt Plaza meets the need for scenic, flexible, and discreet larger-scale illumination in a range of applications, including public parks, urban squares, city centers, and waterfronts. Its aesthetic design has the same subtle sculptural appearance as the rest of the Flindt collection, completing both modern and contemporary urban spaces.

With its modular build-up, which can be adjusted to the surrounding environment, the Flindt Plaza is ideal for creating scenic and larger-scale illumination. In some configurations, it can be designed to

include four highly flexible light heads on one pole. The fixture emits a downward directed light through a lightsource that is hidden at the top, inside a carving at the top of the post, where the gradient serves as a reflector that softens the light.

To enhance the flexibility in lighting design, the light units are adjustable by plus/minus 5° vertically and 360° horizontally on-site, allowing for more varied light distribution. Flindt Plaza is available in a warm corten or aluminum finish, ensuring durability in any environment it is used.

Christian Flindt, award-winning Danish designer, created Flindt Garden and Plaza in an effort to make inclusive and scenic lighting that attracts people to gather, play, and be social outdoors. His original Flindt Bollard inspired the family of elegant, efficient, and highly reliable outdoors lights - all evolving from a single cut from cast metal structures. “When a company asks me to design a product for them, I try to understand what the company is about. For Louis Poulsen, Poul Henningsen is kind of a godfather of light. He created all these lamps with a lot of very thin metal shades… so for me, there is an endless investigation into just taking simple shapes and cutting them. I see the Flindt lamps as very simple shapes.” Flindt says of his design philosophy.

The two new introductions build on the success of the Flindt collection, stepping further into bringing the Flindt family into spaces for greater height, scale, and illumination. 


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