ERP Power Introduces Lumenetix-Araya Third Generation Color Tuning Technology

March 17, 2021
The third-generation color tuning logic module (ALM3) provides automatic light engine detection to simplify lighting installations.

LOS ANGELES – ERP Power LLC (“ERP”), a leading provider of small, smart, and connected LED drivers and light engines for the lighting industry,  announced its third generation Lumenetix-Araya Color Tuning Logic Module (ALM3) capable of controlling third-generation circular (CTM3) and linear (LTM3) five-channel LED light engines.  The ALM3 incorporates a unique technology where it can now detect the connected circular or linear light engine’s LED parameters and adjust its drive currents to provide precision tuning of the light engine’s full spectrum color output from 1650 K (candlelight) to 8000 K (mid-day sunlight).

“Color is the most powerful attribute of lighting. With these products both the complexity and subtleties of the color spectrum become available to the user.  Lighting fixture designers need not compromise the creative style or capabilities of their luminaires to deliver the color rendering capabilities of full spectrum sunlight when illuminating spaces,” said Michael Archer, CEO of ERP Power.  “The design and engineering team at ERP continue to redefine what’s possible for LED lighting architects, designers, and specifiers in terms of fixture performance, quality of light, and illumination controls.”

The ALM3 control technology with CTM3 and LTM3 light engines enable full color spectrum lighting to be affordable, intelligent, and connected for a broad array of applications in architectural, healthcare, hospitality, museum, office, retail, and residential lighting markets.  Precise natural light can be replicated and, as the hour changes, be timed to warm the space.  The highest quality of light, full spectrum color consistency over life, natural sunlight emulation, and flicker-free dimming performance combine to deliver true and perfect illumination.

The third generation Araya Logic Modules’ (ALM3) automated sensing and tuning to the individual light engine’s parameters simplifies lighting installations by eliminating the need to match controllers with LED arrays.  A new multi-wire interconnect topology also greatly simplifies cabling requirements.  ALM3 can now receive firmware upgrades over wired RDM/DMX to ensure compatibility with previously deployed control systems.  The ALM3 provides the lighting industry’s broadest choice of wired and wireless controls integration.

The combination of patented tunable light and precision power from ERP provides lighting designers with the industry’s only independent driver, light engine and digital controls embedded system to ensure accuracy, control, and consistency. The ALM3, CTM3, and LTM3 are designed to reduce original equipment manufacturer complexity and accelerate LED lighting fixture time to market for specification grade fixtures.

CTM3 Light Engine

The CTM3 portfolio offers 1,000 to 10,000 lumen output in circular light-emitting surfaces from 9mm to 32mm in size.  A new 48 VDC version enables the highest output (10,000 lumen) light engine to be controlled by a single ALM3.

LTM3 Light Engine

The LTM3 portfolio is available in light-emitting surface lengths from 30 cm (1 foot) to 244 cm (8 feet).  The introduction of a cyan color channel has added depth to its color palette and spectral performance (TM-30).  A new 12 mm thin version of the LTM3 is available for use in slim profile linear fixtures.

Tunable Color Lighting

Tunable Color is ideal for spaces where connection to the outdoors is essential; or where light can enhance the mood of a space like offices, classrooms, collaboration spaces, healthcare facilities, and conference centers.  The Lumenetix-Araya light engines deliver tunable color using five colors of LEDs, providing dimming down to 0.1%, CRI of 90+, and a 1650 K to 8000 K white tuning range for blackbody curve alignment in support of the human circadian system (the body’s biological clock).  Both the intensity and the spectral content of light can stimulate or suppress melatonin secretion and other hormones that affect people’s mood, alertness, and health.  The Lumenetix-Araya technology offers excellent color consistency and the ability to address a wide gamut of saturated colors.


The new ALM3 control modules, CTM3 circular light engines, and LTM3 linear light engines are scheduled to be available in Q2 2021. The ALM3, CTM3, and LTM3 are designed in California and built to last with a 5-year limited warranty.

About ERP Power

ERP is driving quality of light to enable simple, affordable, end-to-end integration of tunable light engines, precision power, and connected controls for LED lighting fixture manufacturers, designers/specifiers, and installers.  ERP is enabling the disruption of LED lighting experiences with Lumenetix-Araya tunable color and tunable white light pre-integrated with the broadest range of wired and wireless controls in the industry, from Crestron, DALI, DMX, Legrand, Lutron, and multiple Bluetooth Mesh vendors such as Avi-On, Silvair, Casambi, and Xicato.  Headquartered in Moorpark, CA, ERP owns and operates its own ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility to ensure quality of design, sourcing, production, and testing.  Learn more online at or by emailing [email protected].

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