3LR Lighting Appoints Christina Nowak

March 3, 2021

3LR, UK and Ireland representative for leading international manufacturers of architectural, film, entertainment and broadcast lighting and control, has appointed Christina Nowak as Film and Studio Liaison. Marketing graduate Christina has accrued wide experience of business development in the film-technology and production sector, working with leading brands including Red Digital Cinema, Ncam Technologies and G-Technology. Her work has seen her become a trusted figure across the industry, with a strong network of contacts, including acclaimed industry creatives, influencers, industry partners and societies.

Matthew Lloyd, Managing Director of 3LR is pleased with the addition of another formidable talent to his team:

“Christina will act in a consultancy role for 3LR, developing relationships and raising awareness amongst the film production community of the brands and products we represent. She combines an acute understanding of technologies and their applications with the communications skills essential for developing new business opportunities. Christina’s track record of success is impressive, and demonstrates that she has a ready grasp of the culture of this unique sector. We’re delighted to have added someone with her extensive skill set and reputation to the team.”

3LR recently took responsibility for representing leading US manufacturer ETC’s broadcast, film and TV range of lighting and control, including its cutting edge fos/4 range of LED Panel lights and Fresnels. Introducing that product’s advantages to the film production sector will be Christina’s initial responsibility for 3LR. She is looking forward to the challenge:

“I’ve enjoyed success in the industry through relationship and community driven roles, and I’m looking forward to connecting 3LR’s brands with an audience who will truly benefit and appreciate their unique and specialised features. My knowledge and experience of visual and creative exploration, product applications and wider operations of film production has provided me with many valuable insights. Those insights, in combination with years of dedication and support to a wide constituency of industry professionals, are vital to organic conversations that lead to meaningful engagement and adoption of new creative tools and applications that better serve the industry and the production process. The brands that 3LR represent, as evidenced for example by ETC’s fos/4 range, can deliver great benefits to film production - it will be my duty and homage to share those on behalf of 3LR, and on behalf of the filmmaking community.”

Founded by Matthew Lloyd in July 2019, 3LR operates a US style ‘rep’ agency on behalf of a range of market-leading brands, including ETC, Rosco, Griven, Radiant, Delectra, SIRS-E and design-360.

About 3LR:

3LR Lighting Ltd is a specialist UK company representing leading international manufacturers of architectural lighting, broadcast and film lighting and control equipment. 3LR follows the US model of ‘rep’ agencies. Our experts help to increase brand exposure into new market areas, drawing on a wealth of industry experience, and delivering all levels of service from demonstrations to providing full lighting and control specification.


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