NCR Retail Lab Installs Juganu’s Latest Lighting Technology That Creates Smart Shopping Environments for Retailers Worldwide

March 1, 2021
“Foam” lighting platform continually disinfects while helping store owners optimize operations, offer personalized shopping experiences for customers.

New York, NY Smart lighting company Juganu announced today the installation of its new, connected lighting system in the NCR Retail Latin America Lab. With its network technology, called The Foam, the company is turning retail locations “smart” by providing retailers suggestions to improve operations and creating more personalized shopping experiences for their customers. The technology is now available for public retail environments and shopping spaces worldwide, with installations already underway in South America.

The Foam comes as easy-install lighting that goes directly into pre-existing light fixtures of any retail space (e.g., shopping centers, department stores, grocers, etc.). Using smart sensors and cameras, the system gives business leaders actionable operations insights such as aligning store layout with customer purchasing trends, queue management for optimized check-out, and ongoing employee performance analysis. The technology also upgrades the customer experience with innovations including the ability to search for in-store products from their devices, interactive mobile store maps and more.

The Foam empowers retailers to continually deploy disinfecting UVA, which is mixed with visible light for continuous disinfection, and UVC light, which is used for cycling added disinfection capability at times when people are not present in the location. Both options can be utilized from the same light fixtures already in place to comprehensively reach store areas and surfaces. The technology also marks one of the first solutions focused on improving operations for store owners and managers.

As a leading enterprise provider for retailers worldwide, NCR selected the technology for its NCR Retail Latin America Lab because of The Foam’s ability to both help retail owners enhance their overall business while improving the customer experience.

“Juganu’s smart, disinfecting light network will help retailers improve business operations while giving customers a safe, connected, and personalized experience,” said Roger Bigio, NCR Regional Vice President & GM of Caribbean, Latin America. “The retail industry has been looking forward to the emergence of innovative and frankly exciting technology that will bring it to the future. This is it.”

The Foam capabilities include:

  • Optimal Operations: Grow sales with real-time store traffic data, ongoing product organization and layout analysis, and topline energy efficiency
  • Safety Compliance & Regulation: Reduce time and labor costs with 24/7 seamless space disinfection, employee health verification and ongoing safety compliance
  • Experiences of The Future (EOTF): Personalized customer journeys from parking to exit, locate in-store products from devices, shorter check-out time
  • No-touch, Low-cost Infrastructure: Easy-to-adopt, scalable SaaS platform can be controlled remotely and customized to business needs
  • Next-Gen Wireless Network: High-bandwidth enterprise system with secure public wi-fi and interconnectivity for IoT devices

“COVID has created entirely new problems to solve, necessitating fresh ideas on how to reimagine safety and efficiency in physical retail spaces,” said Juganu CEO and Cofounder, Eran Ben-Shmuel. “Our Foam technology was designed for this new world we’re all living in, and will help provide safe, more-connected spaces for everyone. ”

The Foam technology announcement comes after recent installations of Juganu’s patented J. Protect technology across various businesses and industries in the U.S. and abroad. The company completed installation of the lighting system in a U.S.-based retail facility in December and started working with French automaker Groupe Renault after winning its “License to Clean” hackathon last year, which called for new sanitization solutions to prevent the spread of pathogens in cars.

Along with its disinfecting capabilities, J. Protect is also the only lighting technology available with an overhead lighting system that promotes well-being through natural light shifts–based on sunrise and sunset–ultimately providing the safest, healthiest light possible. 

The J. Protect lighting technology has been clinically validated in Israel, with more studies underway in the U.S. and Europe, and is EPA-registered in the U.S. To learn more, visit:

About Juganu:

Founded in 2011, Juganu’s mission is to create a safer, more connected world through Juganu’s light platform. Its flagship product, J. Protect, uses advanced AI-driven light technology to transform public spaces into safe environments. Backed by leading investors including Comcast Ventures, Amdocs, Viola Growth, and others, Juganu holds 43 patents and makes its own unique LED using Planar technology, the best and richest light source other than natural light. Juganu is headquartered in Israel, and has rapidly-growing offices in the US, Mexico and Brazil. To learn more, visit:

About NCR Corporation:

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