Echoflex debuts high-voltage support and Power Load Controller with motor control rating

March 4, 2021

Squamish, British Columbia – Echoflex Solutions’ wireless capabilities and scene support make it a powerful choice for designers and installers alike. New high-voltage versions of Echoflex’s popular controllers that support 240-347 VAC input bring their amazing features and ease of use to all venues, no matter what type of power they run. This high-voltage option is also available on Echoflex’s Power Load Controller. The new model of Power Load Controller (ELEDR) gives users scene support and motor control in one compact, powerful package.

“Different situations call for different looks, and different venues have different power requirements. Our new controllers, rated for high-voltage usage, bring Echoflex’s powerful, versatile equipment to even more environments,” said Paul Greening, C & I Market Manager for Echoflex.

With new high-voltage versions of the LED Fixture Controller (ELED1H), the Tunable-White Fixture Controller (ELED2H), and the Tri-Zone Fixture Controller (ELED3H), you can now use these anywhere you have 240-347 VAC power requirements, including places like warehouses, high schools, and recreation facilities.

Echoflex’s new Power Load Controller (ELEDR model) is a wireless switching lighting controller perfect for today’s advanced control requirements. On the ELEDR, scene support for lighting presets is partnered with a motor load specification for integrated local automation control. Blinds, screens, fans, and other low-voltage motor applications can be triggered from the ELEDR, giving you simple, wireless space control. In addition to manual control from stations, the ELEDR responds to activation from occupancy, vacancy, or daylight sensors, and can be integrated with building automation systems.

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