New Zumtobel nBox – the best things come in small packages!

March 3, 2021

At just 30cm x 40cm, Zumtobel’s new nBox is one of the smallest central battery systems on the market and it effortlessly outshines comparable, larger systems. With 48V functional extra low voltage, state-of-the-art communication technologies and handy apps, the nBox offers a sleek, simple and functional design with modern technology incorporated in one of the most compact housings available.

The nBox central battery system reliably supplies and monitors safety lighting both in new buildings and in refurbished properties, in accordance with EN 50171 (central power supply systems). Larger buildings are often designed with several fire compartments so allocating several self-sufficient battery systems to different fire compartments means improved safety compared with one large central battery system.  This compact system integrates unobtrusively into any architecture, without noisy cooling fans, making costly structural work for dedicated fire rated plant spaces unnecessary.

The nBox exploits all the advantages of low voltage: a 48V direct current system is considerably easier to handle, less time-consuming to install and significantly more efficient to operate. Thanks to the user-friendly nature of nBox, immediate savings can be made, right from the simplified installation process. All components of the nBox are clearly laid out, so wiring is quick to complete and cables with a cross section of 1.5mm2 are sufficient for outgoing circuits. Another advantage over 24V systems is the possibility of doubling the circuit length on the outgoing cable with the same cross-section. Cost savings during operation can be significant thanks to lower power consumption compared to integral battery luminaires and much longer service life. Safety signs and safety luminaires are at least 30% more efficient than 230V systems, whilst the simplified power supplies mean the LED drivers can last twice as long, even at extreme temperatures.

All individual monitoring data is exchanged down the same cable that the luminaire is supplied by through the implementation of powerline communications. This reduces the cost and effort of installing additional cables for monitoring. Manual entry of luminaire addresses is made easier by the "Show ID" function and the flashing of the luminaires during set-up.

With seven different connection options, the nBox provides simple networking and commissioning with no need for special knowledge thanks to the easy-to-use apps. The nBox web app provides access to the complete system and therefore makes it easier to plan the entire central battery system, including its luminaires.

The PROset app and the PROset pen can be used for commissioning the luminaires directly. The PROset app also provides information about the status of the luminaire,  operating hours, number of tests and potential causes of failure such as over temperature or overvoltage. The app also offers the possibility of obtaining configurations from a database. The PROset pen is a robust and simple tool for addressing safety and escape-sign luminaires with an NFC interface. This interface enables configuration of the behaviour of the luminaire, or for copying configurations from one driver to another. The PROset pen is fast, reliable and extremely convenient, with a Bluetooth® interface allowing it to exchange data with a smartphone. Both PROset tools use NFC technology to read the ID and switching mode of luminaires in a de-energised state.

Safety lighting systems are subject to cyclic maintenance, which is a requirement of  EN 50172. With a Zumtobel maintenance agreement for emergency lighting, specially trained service engineers will carry out a professional inspection of the life safety lighting within the space. For additional value, the manufacturer's guarantee for the nBox is extended to five years as part of the agreement.

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