Ledmotive creates the first pocket spectrometer

Feb. 26, 2021

●  photonfy allows light professionals to capture and analyze the spectrum in an agile and digital way using a device smaller than a mobile

The solutions available to date were laboratory tools, very expensive and not very accessible to all professionals in the sector.

The possibility of reproducing the light captured by the device in any luminaire is a differential element and that no spectrometer in the world can offer.

With this new solution, Ledmotive Technologies consolidates its position as an innovative and pioneering company in the high-value lighting domain.

Barcelona. As a result of its efforts and investments in R&D, LEDMOTIVE  has created the first pocket spectrometer on the market: photonfy. It is a compact, connected, and affordable device that allows professionals who work with light to capture, analyze and reproduce a spectrum in real time in an agile and digital way. With this new solution, LEDMOTIVE makes available to all professionals in the sector a tool whose use, to date, was limited to the laboratory field due to its high cost and large format.

"Photonfy takes a ‘photo’ of the light’s most intimate signature, its spectrum, which makes it possible to find out its technical characteristics in order to introduce improvements in the captured light or to replicate it, depending on the objective sought", explains Josep Carreras, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of LEDMOTIVE. "Knowing the characteristics of a light is useful to, for example, determine how much blue light we receive, if lighting can be detrimental to the conservation of artwork or imitate exterior light in an interior space in real time", adds Carreras.

The spectrometer connects via Bluetooth to the free photonfy App. The application allows not only to analyze and improve the captured spectrum, but also to create variable light over time, search for spectra designed by third parties, compare them and share the creations.

The new solution is clearly differential when it is complemented by the patented LEDMOTIVE technology, which allows the reproduction of any lighting spectrum in the visible range, whether natural, such as daylight (with the same physical properties in the visible spectrum) or artificial. Being connected to the IoT (Internet of Things), LEDMOTIVE can reproduce the light captured by the photonfy or applying improvements to the measured spectrum. All of this in real time. It makes it possible, for example, to copy the daylight of an environment, routing it to an interior space or correct the lack or excess of light around 480 nm (circadian action).

The page www.photonfy.com is the link between the photonfy device and the lighting system, offering a space for managing lights, spectrometers and spectral design for professional users.

Photonfy's fields of application range from healthcare, agriculture, color quality, pigment damage for conservation of art, retail and printing. "It is intended to be used by light professionals, lighting designers, manufacturers of lighting products, photographers ... and, eventually, the goal is to make it accessible to the general public as well," Carreras advances.

Photonfy is the result of LEDMOTIVE commitment to digital lighting without technological limits.


We are pioneers in connected and digital light with our spectral control technology. Our goal is to establish a benchmark in the market where light represents high added value. We are committed to light as a means to improve people's quality of life. Our fundamental pillars are: innovation, development, protection of intellectual property related to spectral control and integration through different technological platforms. We believe in the ideas argued under the strictest scientific principles and the effort behind them to make them happen.




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