Lodes Launches JIM, Aile, and Cima, Part of Its New 2021 Collection

Feb. 24, 2021

Lodes, the long-established Italian contemporary lighting brand, has unveiled the latest products within its 2021 collection with the addition of three new products. The JIM suspension lamp by multidisciplinary French designer Patrick Norguet, the Aile wall lamp by renowned Italian designer Luca Nichetto, and the Cima suspended lamp by Vienna-based Marco Dessí will all join the brand’s existing portfolio of contemporary lighting. Following Lodes’ recent rebrand, these three designs express the company’s refreshed approach to manufacturing innovation and contemporary design, marking 2021 as a new era for the family-run brand.

JIM suspension lamp by Patrick Norguet

Inspired by the lampshades of the ateliers of the early 1900s, JIM is a system of suspension lamps with distinctive shapes and a versatile composition that suits any interiors and living environment, from residential to commercial. Suspended from a self-supporting cable running through a transparent tinted methacrylate hook, JIM offers a set of four metal shades with different shapes and diameters providing various aesthetic options and light outputs. JIM sheds direct light downwards while indirectly illuminating the hook above the lampshade. Irrespective of the aesthetic choices, the light output is consistent as reflected on the white inner surface of the lampshade. A large dome shade of approximately 20 inches is available as a single suspension lamp, while the three smaller geometric shades—cylinder, cone, and bell—can be used either individually or in cluster compositions on canopies. JIM’s versatility is further enhanced by the color range: four different shade finishes (White, Champagne, Bronze and Black) can be combined with the three different hook hues as desired (Turquoise, Honey and Grey).

Aile by Luca Nichetto           

The Aile wall sconce features a sleek silhouette characterized by clean lines and a dynamic shape reminiscent of the aileron of a sports car, after which it has been named. Aile's compact dimensions (Approximately 7.5” in length x 3” height, protruding 4” from the wall) belie its functionality. When developing the design, Nichetto took the light sources into consideration—they consisted of two 9W LED modules with 3000k light color temperature—before letting the body take shape. The die-cast aluminum body has the dual function of emphasizing the diffusion of light and absorbing the heat generated by its light sources. When the light beam is directed upwards towards the wall, it is then captured by the “spoiler” which casts a glow and diffuses it downwards, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Aile is available in black and white finishes, in a sophisticated matte champagne tone that matches any décor, and—in a nod to luxury Italian sports cars—a deep lacquer red.

Cima suspended lamp by Marco Dessí

Cima is a "suspended" lamp, conceived as a practical lighting solution that can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the user. Aptly named—Cima is a nautical rope in Italian—the design’s hallmark is a ceiling-to-floor rope (approximately 13 feet), which translates to a graphic and functional element with an eyelet that allows it to be fixed to the ceiling. An injection molded polymer joint slides vertically along the rope and locks at any desired point. The body of the lamp connected to the joint can be swiveled to aim light in specific directions while the counterweight enables users to readjust any excess rope for lower ceilings. A switch button is placed on the power cord for ease of use. The textured black finish of the lamp body, the joint, and the counterweight accentuate the vibrant colors of the rope—gold, yellow or silver. The versatility of configuration and the GU10 commercial light bulb socket make Cima a flexible lamp that can be adapted to the lighting needs of any environment.

About Lodes

Balancing technical know-how and the best Made in Italy design, Venice-based Lodes has been designing and producing lighting solutions for interiors and exteriors since 1950.                                          

Originating in founder Angelo Tosetto's passion for glass and informed by continuous technological research, the company has evolved into one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting, currently present in 90 markets worldwide.

Today, Lodes represents a three-generation evolution from pure passion to brilliant architectural solutions, creating light sources that fuse contemporary design and innovative technology with materials of the highest quality, scrupulously developed with the best processing techniques. As Studio Italia Design, the firm has been selected as one of the most dynamic Italian companies according to the survey “Campioni della crescita 2020”, as well as in 2021, published in La Repubblica ’s “Affari & Finanza.

About Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet approaches objects and design from a graphical perspective. Since childhood, he has preferred sketchbooks to textbooks, filling them up with sketches and drawings. A "hands-on" approach of industry and design studies in Paris (ESDI) mark the unusual profile of this constructive rebel. His career underwent a dramatic change in 2000 when Giulio Cappellini spotted his now famous Rainbow Chair. He joined the circle of designers that matter and created his Parisian studio. Since that time, he has been designing for major producers and renowned brands.

For Patrick Norguet, design is first and foremost about happy encounters. What he is most passionate about is exchanging with manufacturers, discovering their know-how; the impulse of a creative intention refined by technical constraints, economic stakes and the expectations of a user whom he hopes to discreetly but durably win over.

Drawing inspiration from everything that surrounds him, Patrick Norguet does not follow trends but seeks to give shape to products whose relevance and modernity would withstand the test of time: "A well-designed object, an object created through generous collaboration is timeless."

From consumer products to luxury objects, Patrick Norguet leaves an impression of authenticity and elegance. Today, he is an essential figure on the international design scene.

About Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto founded a multidisciplinary design studio in Venice, Italy, which specialised in industrial design, product design and design consulting. From the very beginning, this studio collaborated with a number of different brands and organisations, quickly expanding its influence far beyond Venice and Italy’s borders. Five years later, in 2011, Nichetto opened a second studio in Stockholm, Sweden. This practice was founded in response to an ever-growing number of requests for collaboration from international companies, with the studio’s work also broadening out from its initial focus on designed objects.                          

Nichetto Studio has since expanded into areas such as interior design and architecture. Today, Nichetto Studio works with a variety of brands and clients from all around the world, and its expertise is sought out across all design disciplines.

About Marco Dessí

Studio Marco Dessí is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Vienna. The studio’s approach is practical and collaborative, where design is understood as an interactive process. Self-initiated ventures serve to experiment with materials and test processes that can be later applied onto commercial projects and/or developed further to meet the requirements of industrial or handmade replication. Commissioned design work always starts with immediate study of the client, their respective production methods and methods’ inherent potentials.                              

Dessí’s studio is not committed to any particular style, preferred material or unified formula, but rather regards designing as a trade characterised by a deep understanding of materials, processes and how the two are linked. The way in which an object is produced has a direct influence over its aesthetic appearance and the story that it tells. In his work, Marco Dessí values transparency in terms of a consistent link between the process of designing and the actual conditions of production.          

Established in 2008, the studio works with a list of international clients and cultural institutions on a variety of scales, ranging from furniture and product design to spatial solutions.



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