DATA MODUL Inc. introduces the Non-Standard Size Tartan Display Family

Jan. 19, 2021

New York - DATA MODUL Inc., one of the world's leading suppliers of display, touch and embedded solutions, , is expanding its Public Information Display (PID) portfolio by introducing the Tartan LCD display family from AU Optronics (AUO). With this  new product family, DATA MODUL Inc. now offers non-standard displays for applications with challenging  display requirements and limited advertising space. Thus, the new LCD displays family becomes attractive for public transport, retail, restaurants or casino games.

Using a unique photomask process, AUO has developed a family of stretched, square and even round shaped display modules that are ideal for spaces where the standard 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio display modules do not work. Thanks to the Tartan process, AUO also offers one of the lowest entry cost in the market for custom sized displays along with their wide range of standard models.

“Up until recently, if you needed a non-standard size display for a unique space, the only choice was a standard LCD that was cut to size for you. This was a very expensive and risky process, often resulting in displays with poor image quality and rapid performance degradation”, explains Thomas Klingl, President of DATA MODUL Inc. “With the Tartan PID product family we offer a new benchmark for non-standard displays and are able to provide fully customized TFT with low minimum order quantity with an affordable NRE cost”.

Sizes and features: Always expanding the family

•  Stretched display line up from 28”/28.6”/29.4”/36.6”/37”/42”/48.5”/49.5”

•  Square display line up 28.1”/33.1”/39.8”/44.9”

•  Round Display line up 19.7”/23.6”/28.6”

•  Multiple brightness options (500/700/1500/2500 nits)

•  Wide temp range Liquid Chrystal -40C +110C

•  24/7 operating

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