mySupplier Makes Strategic Shift to Address Health and Safety, Sustainability and Smart Building Needs in Market

Jan. 11, 2021
Company leverages technology and supply chain expertise to expand offerings to help customers operate safely and effectively.

ALPHARETTA, Ga.mySupplier, a global leader in sustainable lighting and PPE solutions, has expanded its core offerings to best serve customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Focusing on the critical needs for businesses to operate safely and effectively, the company is now comprised of three divisions – Smart Buildings, Sustainable Solutions and Health and Safety.

Smart, Sustainable Buildings: Looking into 2021 Federal Focus

mySupplier is an established leader in the lighting industry for its unique technology-driven approach to lighting retrofits. The company’s innovative process uses state-of-the-art software for a quality-controlled lighting audit, and designers are able to choose from hundreds of pre-approved fixtures to ensure the optimal solution in terms of price, performance and energy efficiency.

Expanding beyond lighting, mySupplier’s new Sustainability division brings its digitalization efforts to other energy efficiency technologies, including solar, EV charging, electrical control systems and more. Further proving the importance of these efforts, one of the four priorities under President-Elect Joe Biden’s transition plan is climate change – with sustainable buildings a  central element to the initiative. The four-pronged approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings include improving energy efficiency, expanding renewable energy resources, electrifying buildings and implementing demand management programs.

Focusing on the company’s long-term success, mySupplier’s Smart Building division seeks technology solutions to enable a safe return to office spaces while mitigating and preventing future outbreaks or seasonal health issues. Products include contract-tracing solutions, thermal imaging devices for temperature screening, digital platforms for safer work environments and UVC disinfectants. Customers include hospitals, schools and universities, municipalities and government agencies.

“On the heels of the company’s best year, our core business was rocked by the pandemic. As lighting projects were placed on hold, we asked our clients what their biggest needs were, with PPE being the overwhelming response,” shared Taresh Grover, co-founder of mySupplier. “As a global company, we were able to pivot quickly to secure high quality and large quantities of PPE for our customers across the country.”

Health and Safety Division: Immediate Focus on Nitrile Gloves

A registered FDA critical PPE supplier, mySupplier leveraged its existing global supply relationships to launch its Health & Safety division. With an initial focus on masks due to demand, the company today provides all basic PPE, including face shields, gowns, goggles, thermometers and hand sanitizer. Over the past nine months, the company has delivered critical PPE to customers across the country, including the Arizona Department of Health Services.

“mySupplier has been an integral partner for us over the past several months,” said Douglas Trimbach, vice president of lighting services, Energy Optimizers, USA. “Instead of settling for the quickest option, they invested their time and resources to source quality products for our team while offering complete transparency on shipping times and rates.”

Most recently, mySupplier has added a heightened focus on nitrile gloves, which are harder to manufacture and more difficult to obtain than other PPE items. “The wide usage of gloves goes well beyond medical professionals, including restaurants, hospitality, education and automotive industries. This demand ensures the need will far outlast the pandemic, positioning mySupplier as an integral resource for our customers for many years to come,” added Anita Reed, chief operating officer at mySupplier.

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mySupplier is a women-owned company that partners with Contractors, Energy Services Companies and national accounts to provide Technology Solutions to Create Smart, Sustainable and Safe Buildings. The company’s Sustainable building program focuses on energy efficiency utilizing its unique technology-driven approach to lighting retrofits, new construction projects and solar installations. Its Smart building program offers asset tracking, space utilization and lighting energy optimization. mySupplier’s Safe building division incorporates critical PPE supplies, thermal imaging products for temperature screening, digital platforms for safer work environments and UVC disinfecting products. For additional information, visit




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