Coolux Lighting Upgrades its Air Sanitizing Purification Nano UVClean LED Panel with 254nm UVC Tubes

Jan. 12, 2021
The Nano UVClean LED Panel developed to fight Covid-19 and rid a room of viruses and bacteria for disinfection purposes is meant for hospitals, clinics, shops, offices, schools and private houses.

Coolux Lighting, a quality and innovation in LED lighting company launches an upgraded version of air sanitizing, air purification UVClean LED panel with Nano technology with 254nm UVC mercury vapor tubes as a disinfection fixture or cleaning system to rid a room of viruses and bacteria and other harmful airborne agents.

For years, doctors and health professionals have been using ultraviolet light as a disinfectant. Mercury lamps can generate far higher levels of irradiance and therefore higher efficacy. “We believe that the ideal germicidal UV wavelength is 254 nm, which generate far higher levels of irradiance and therefore higher efficacy.” Said James Wu, VP of Coolux Lighting. “while besides that 254nm UVC tubes, we are also using the newest Nano technology in our Nano UVClean LED panel for air purification and disinfection purposes”.

Conventional mercury vapor tubes emitting at 254 nm wavelength has been proven to kill in seconds the virus that causes COVID-19 by the Boston University who also validates Signify UV-C for coronavirus deactivation. Its sanitizing effect and disinfection effects are well recognized and tested by many scientists and research labs. Earlier this year, Signify and the Boston University study their 254nm UVC tube and prove its capability of killing the SARS-CoV-2, also known as the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

In October, 2020, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kanagawa Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Institute, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo have succeeded in developing a photocatalytic material (Nano Materials) that has an extremely high antiviral effect. It has already been reported that this photocatalytic material is composed of titanium oxide and copper oxide ( Cu x O / TiO2 ) and has a high antiviral effect. The evaluation results of this new coronavirus also revealed that the virus was inactivated by light irradiation (1000 lux), and it became clear that it could help prevent the spread of infection of the coronavirus.

The Nano UVClean LED panel is such a led fixture adopting this kind of photocatalytic materials including the TiO2 to prevent the virus. “The effect of virus disinfection effect doubles, ” said James , “since in our Nano UVClean LED Panel, we use both the UVC 254nm tube and Nano technology of photocatalytic materials of titanium oxide and copper oxide ( Cu x O / TiO2 ), even the UVC tube is no on when it is switched off, the Nano materials will keep disinfecting the air with or without the light. ”

“The Nano UVClean LED panel is in fact a scientific engineered air sanitizing, air clean and air circulation system. It uses air filtration mechanism in the intake filters, 254nm UVC tube chambers and Nano technology of photocatalytic materials on the surfaces to kill virus with fan to draw in air and out for purification.” Said James, “when the un-clean air goes near the fixture and goes into the UVC disinfection chamber through the circulation and filtration system to the outtakes of the fixtures, up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and other harmful airborne agents are killed.

UV-C is hazardous to skin and eyes. But the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) UV-C report on eye and skin safety noting that at a height of 2.1m (about 7 ft), “specially designed and installed UV-C fixtures” are safe.  “Apart from the efficient virus killing function, safety still remains our top concern when using the UVC mercury vapor tubes.” Said James, “thus we designed the unique UVC chamber as the disinfection zone which effectively inactivates the virus going through the chamber with direct contact to both the UVC 254nm tube and the Nano photocatalytic material. The chamber is also well blocking the invisible UVC lights going out of the chamber and make harm to the skin and eyes of the people underneath or sitting around.”

This Nano UVClean LED Panel can be used in spaces both when occupied and unoccupied. “The lighting part and the air germicidal system are designed to be controlled by two separate wiring inputs,” said James, “leaving rooms for continuing air sanitizing while the light is not on, for instance, when the staff are out of the room, the air sanitizing function can still be on while keeping the light to off position for energy saving purpose.”

The LED panel light is 33W in power consumption with 110lm/W and illuminating a total of 3300 lumens. It is also designed to be 3CCT in one led panel using a dipswitch to control the ideal CCT from 3000K, to 4000K and even to 5000K. It helps the dealers to lower the SKUs and the installers can adjust the CCT onsite during installation.

The Nano UVClean led panel is a high quality, high efficiency, durable, Germicidal use for Air sanitizing air purification and lighting system. it can be used for many applications such as the dust free rooms, hospitals, schools, offices, public areas, kindergartens and so on.

“The Fan we use in this Nano UVClean air clean system is an industrial centrifugal fan which can work non-stop 100,000hrs to ensure the long life. and the noise is less than 40db.”, said James, “this is a very important part because in the market you will find some similar products using some computer fans but will last only a few thousand hours. then the whole air purifier will be out of function. This is something that most users should consider when they always need long time air sanitizing during this pandemic or post-pandemic use.”

The Nano UVClean LED panel is 2ftx2ft /600mmx600mm in size for most common dropped ceilings as recessed installation. And it also fits for surface mounted or pendant installation with accessories when recessed installation is not applicable.

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