California Energy Alliance Announces New Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Council

Jan. 11, 2021

SACRAMENTO, California, January 2021—The California Energy Alliance (CEA), California’s leading energy stakeholder advocacy organization, today announced the formation of a new Board of Directors and a Technical Advisory Council.

The Board of Directors is comprised of Cori Jackson, California Lighting Technology Center, President & Board Chair; Bernie Kotlier, California Labor Management Cooperation Committee, Vice President; John Martin, Treasurer; Doug Avery, Avery Energy Enterprises; Bernadette Boudreaux, Design Lights Consortium; John Busch, Leviton; Pekka Hakkarainen, Lutron; Kelly Seeger, Signify; and Randy Young, Sheet Metal Workers Local 104.

The Technical Advisory Council comprised of: Dick Lord, Carrier; Craig Ochoa, Dynalectric; and Dan Salinas, Salinas Lighting Consult.

“We’re starting 2021 with a new strategic plan, work on several important new initiatives, and successful funding and new membership activity. The formation of our new Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Council is part of this effort and helps us to clarify our focus and execute on our core mission.” said Josh Dean, CEA Executive Director.

About CEA

Founded in 2016, CEA is a nonprofit, non-partisan alliance of business, government, environmental and NGO leaders advocating for energy productivity to achieve economic growth, environmental justice, energy security, affordability, and resilience. CEA’s work focuses on advocacy, outreach, and evolution of codes, standards, and policy.


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