Accountancy firm banks on PeopleCount from PPDS to keep staff and customers safe inside busy corporate offices

Dec. 31, 2020
Acar Accountants & Adviseurs becomes first corporate business to install new purpose-built intelligent Bosch camera and Philips digital display technology to protect staff and visitors at its offices.

Amsterdam: Hengelo-based accounting firm, Acar Accountants & Adviseurs, has become the first corporate business to install a new intelligent camera and display technology designed exclusively to help businesses keep staff and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The award winning PeopleCount solution, brought to market by PPDS is designed to automatically monitor and manage Acar’s office capacity.

Visitors entering the company’s three-floor offices are now greeted with a 32-inch Philips display at the main entrance, which uses a live traffic light system to indicate whether it’s safe to enter based on capacity readings. Information is automatically generated using live data gathered from a ceiling-based smart Bosch IP camera, counting people in and out of the building 24/7.

PeopleCount also provides Acar with a new way of displaying company branding and messaging (including marketing promotions) to staff and visitors, making the solution ideal both for today and into the future.

Acar is the first business to install the PeopleCount technology in a corporate setting – joining some of the world’s leading retailers, restaurants and bars in deploying the new purpose-built solution.

Isa Acar, CEO at Acar Accountants & Adviseurs, shared his delight with the performance and impact of PeopleCount since staff returned back to work.

“Investment in technology, particularly in these tough economic times, may not seem a desirable approach for everyone. However, with the price of PeopleCount comparable to just one month’s salary of a security guard, this has very much been money well spent. The trust and safety of everyone is paramount.

Roeland Scholten, Sales Director Benelux & IKAM EMEA, concluded: “The incredible versatility of PeopleCount continues to grow, now supporting a range of different businesses, helping them to overcome the various challenges caused, primarily, by the pandemic.

“We were delighted to play such an important role in this installation. The positive feedback speaks for itself.”

Maurice Hurxkens, CEO at Fidato, the national AV integration and project design specialist from Arnhem that completed the installation, commented:

“Feedback since the installation has been extremely positive, with staff and customers adapting to the system, with the importance of maintaining a 1.5 metre social distance now an almost natural and instinctive part of their day, helping everyone to feel more comfortable.”

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