Car-Go by LND: Recessed driveway light designed for the outdoors

Dec. 24, 2020

[LND], a leader in the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures for the definition of outdoor layout, closes 2020 with another important new item in its catalogue. The company, which has long been known on the international market, has a high-quality design team that constantly applies itself to the search for cutting-edge lighting solutions. This experience has led to the creation of Car-Go: walkable, drive-over and calibrated, it is defined as the flooring and ground recessed product par excellence in the [LND] range.

The design and durability of Car-go allow designers and specifiers maximum freedom of choice, so that the installation of outdoor lighting points can be thought in detail. With a strong identity, Car-Go offers volume and form to any design requirement.

Thanks to the lighting emission, diffused through the extra-clear white satin-finished tempered glass, Car-Go offers precise illumination of outdoor paths, giving efficiency and visual comfort. The high light output is available in 3000 K colour temperature (2700K - 4000 K on request) or in the Dynamic White Colour Change version (24 Vdc).

Equipped with LED module with 3W and 12W power, a remote electronic power supply with possibility of DALI, 1-10 V, DMX, Car-Go is installable using a 30% fiberglass Nylon casing, with maximum depth of 9.5 cm. 

Circular in shape, it has been projected in four dimensions:  extra small Ø 5 cm / small Ø 8 cm / medium Ø 12.5 cm / large Ø 20 cm. In all versions, > 2000 kg pressure resistance and IK > 8 impact protection are guaranteed.

Car-Go is practically indestructible thanks to the sophisticated application of specific antioxidant treatments which, by minimising maintenance, guarantee perfect durability. A promise of high performance that Car-Go shares with all the products of the company from Brescia. In short, a renewed experience of light, cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance are therefore the exclusive features of this device.

Performance, linearity and minimalist aesthetics are the foundations of the brand: [LND] is positioned as the preferred choice in the field of outdoor lighting due to its expertise and concrete know-how. With the launch of Car-Go, the company also confirms its R&D efforts aimed at satisfying the project needs of lighting designers and architects at 360°, guaranteeing absolute efficiency and reliability.



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