Bringing the outdoors in with striking illumination

Dec. 18, 2020
Developers selected Luminis' Bellevue exterior luminaires to line the Grand Avenue pathway at retail & entertainment complex The Avenues-Bahrain.

It’s little wonder that The Avenues-Bahrain won the Best Retail Architecture Award at the Arabian and African Property Awards. The commercial and leisure mall is a stunning facility, both indoors and out, as it stretches 1.5 km along the Manama waterfront.

The entertainment complex gives visitors an outdoor feeling while remaining indoors, protected from the heat by a beautiful glass ceiling. A main indoor thoroughfare, aptly named the Grand Avenue is the gateway to 130 stores, restaurants, and cafes from local and international brands.

To invoke that feeling of bringing the outdoors in, developers selected Luminis' Bellevue exterior luminaires to line the Grand Avenue pathway.  The modern, rectilinear fixtures illuminate pedestrians’ paths as they browse the shops. Interspersed with the palm trees, the 31 luminaires add a modern “wow” factor along the avenue.

Specifiers collaborated with Luminis to configure the Bellevue fixtures, choosing two different optic styles on each column to address specific lighting requirements.

The principal, upper arm is the same 8” x 8” profile as the column itself and extends over the avenue. It features a row of four optics, adapted from the Bellevue BVS series. With a unique integral tilting mechanism and adjustable rotation for maximum flexibility, the directional lighting ensures that illumination goes precisely where it is needed down to the pedestrian pathway below.

From a height of 27 feet, the powerful light source and advanced optics in the upper arm enable even illumination of the avenue’s broad expanse. 

A particular challenge was how to include mounting for promotional banners onto the column. The Luminis team decided to use a smaller, 6” x 6” arm, below the main one as a mounting mechanism as well as a light source. With optics illuminating the pathway adjacent to the shops and the banner, the arm achieves two objectives.

Luminis’ innovative lighting solution contributes to a dynamic retail space, as The Avenues-Bahrain becomes the go-to destination for citizens and tourists from the Gulf region and beyond.



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PHOTOGRAPHY: Catalin Marin


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