Light Cognitive receives Dezeen Award for Lighting Design in 2020

Dec. 15, 2020
Light Cognitive received the Dezeen Award for Lighting Design in 2020, and was also shortlisted for the Architectural Lighting Design Award. The company continues to grow despite the coronavirus.

Finnish lighting company Light Cognitive has been declared the winner of the Dezeen Award for 2020, in the category of Lighting Design. Light Cognitive won with its design for a light that mimics nature and brings the benefits of natural light into any space regardless of the time of year. This distinctive and award-winning design creates the feeling of standing next to a large window or under the open sky, in light that shifts and changes naturally throughout the day.

“This project addresses the importance of light in our lives. It is not so much about the form and shape, but more about human reactions and interventions within a space. It's about the light, not the lamp itself.” – Head Judge Margriet Vollenburg

Light Cognitive’s sales have grown this year despite coronavirus, and the company has gained new international customers. Demand is now global, in addition to the company’s current market area in Europe. The company believes that Light Cognitive artificial skylights are a significant way to upgrade windowless spaces and basements, both in homes and businesses.

“We are very honoured to get this recognition and we want to thank Dezeen and the jury. Our goal is to bring beautiful light and clear skies within everyone's reach.” – Marketing Director Anne Salomaa

Retail design has been a new growth area for Light Cognitive. The company was shortlisted for the Architectural Lighting Design award for their new circular skylight, LC Oculus, which had its debut in a retail project in Barcelona. The “oculus” was originally a circular opening found at the top of a dome in Ancient Roman architecture. Light Cognitive’s unique artificial skylight creates a similar feeling of openness and allows guests at a windowless shop to feel a connection to nature.

About Light Cognitive

Light Cognitive is a ground-breaking, creative lighting design and technology company that celebrates natural light. Our clients say we are revolutionary in terms of our capability to recreate pure natural light in indoor spaces. The shifting light surface allows for an infinite feel, creating a sense of openness in even the most enclosed space. We elevate sensory experience with the creation of 'horizon' and 'sky' light views that give the impression of a natural environment. We work with high-end brands in retail, hospitality, healthcare, homes, art institutions and more.

The Dezeen Awards

Dezeen Awards is an annual awards programme, identifying the world’s best architecture, interiors and design, as well as the studios and the individual architects and designers producing outstanding work. Organised by Dezeen, the world's most popular and influential architecture and design website, the Dezeen Awards is the benchmark for international design excellence for architects and designers everywhere.


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