NICHIA Unveils Advanced Tunable LED Pairing with ‘Circadian Tune’ functionality to Enhance Body Clock Management

Dec. 8, 2020
Proprietary Human-Centric Lighting Color and Spectrum Tunable pairing are Practical for General Lighting to Help Improve Your Circadian Rhythm

Tokushima, Japan – 8 December 2020: NICHIA, the world’s largest LED Manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces a new and improved Circadian Tunable LED offering. This new tunable LED pairing has been developed to enhance the regulation of your Body Clock by combining both the stimulation and calming doses, in addition to color tuning.

This Circadian Tune technology harnesses NICHIA’s expertise in developing a unique Phosphor Converted Cyan, among other semiconductor processes and packaging techniques. The supplementary component is the inclusion of NICHIA’s newly launched LEDs with TriGain® technology, a potassium fluorosilicate (PFS) based phosphor technology licensed to NICHIA through a strategic partnership with GE Current.

Most existing human-centric lighting systems mainly work by changing CCT (correlated color temperature). Some have started using individual “energizing” or “calming” LEDs, including NICHIA’s Vitasolis™. However, NICHIA’s new Circadian Tune LED products will raise the bar to also address efficacy, color quality and increased Melanopsin Stimulation, the light that explicitly targets melanopsin-containing neurons in the retina of the eye. These neurons, called Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells (ipRGCs), are connected to a region of the brain responsible for regulation of the 24-hour circadian cycle along with associated reflexive neuronal and hormonal responses to the presence of light.

Sensitive to a particular range of wavelengths, melanopsin photoreceptors reach peak light absorption at wavelengths around 490nm. By utilizing NICHIA’s Phosphor Converted InGaN Cyan, NICHIA’s Circadian Tune LEDs are optimized at the most sensitive wavelength of ipRGCs. Indeed, this approach provides a higher performance through its unique combination of lumens per watt (lpW), TM30 and Melanopic Ratio (MR) than other human-centric lighting solutions.

NICHIA’s Phosphor Converted Cyan outperforms a pure InGaN die based cyan in many ways. As highlighted by Phosphor Engineer Sadakazu Wakui at the recently-held Phosphor Global Summit 2020, the Phosphor Converted Cyan delivers a higher lumens per watt (lpW) performance versus a traditional pure InGaN cyan. Additionally, the PC Cyan provides the same forward voltage (VF) as standard white LEDs, as well as the same z-height for optical matching. Couple this unique PC Cyan and NICHIA’s Warm White LEDs with TriGain® technology, the system can achieve a CRI of 90+, with high TM-30 values, while delivering a lpW performance equivalent to that of an 80 CRI LED. A balanced human circadian lighting system is achieved with simply no loss in efficacy.

Using NICHIA’s new Circadian Tune technology, the high MR and cooler CCT will reduce fatigue and provide greater alertness to help office workers remain in an awakened state of mind or help night workers complete their shifts effectively. At a low MR and warm CCT, the focus switches to relaxation, prompting a feeling of safety and initializing a transition to sleep. A sense of time is therefore introduced when both proper melanopsin stimulus and variable CCT is being applied.

“New Circadian Tune LED products are truly innovative. Through an optimization of efficacy, color quality and Melanopsin Stimulation, we can better target ipRGCs. Additionally, the utilization of a traditional 80 CRI warm white for the relaxing portion limits the color quality of the system. To overcome these limitations, NICHIA has introduced this Phosphor Converted Cyan and Warm White TriGain® pairing,” explains Satoshi Okada, General Lighting Business Planning Manager of NICHIA Japan.

“NICHIA introduced Vitasolis™ in 2019, a range of LEDs geared to suppress fatigue and boost vitality. The Circadian Tune LED pairing builds on these innovations to offer a more dynamic and tunable solution to the global lighting industry.”

LEDs with TriGain® technology are available now in NICHIA’s 757 series, the industry’s first and leading mid-power LED. The new unique Phosphor Converted Cyan will be available within the first half of 2021. Reach out to your NICHIA representative, or [email protected], today to learn more about this and other innovative developments from NICHIA. About NICHIA Corporation Having ‘Ever Researching for a Brighter World’ as a motto, NICHIA takes great pride in being the technology leader and world’s largest LED manufacturer. Founded in 1956 as a specialist chemical producer, NICHIA quickly became the leader in luminescent materials (phosphors). Nichia later developed and commercialized the first high brightness blue LED in 1993 and the first white LED in 1996. Additional nitride-based LEDs in various colors were developed, including ultraviolet and visible laser diodes. NICHIA believes that its products will remain at the forefront of energy efficient solutions throughout the world for years to come. NICHIA will continue to be a company that makes contributions to the world by evolving its original and unique technologies and ‘Ever Researching for a Brighter World’.

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Note to editors Melanopic Ratio (MR) is the ratio of Melanopic Stimulation compared to a visual response.


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