Introducing MADRIX AURA – Stand-Alone Lighting Control

Nov. 24, 2020

MADRIX AURA provides amazing stand-alone capabilities for dynamic lighting. Run the most sophisticated light shows and effects independently from this compact controller with fully customizable scheduling.

Lighting effects stunningly create the right setting for media facades, retail applications and point-of-sale eye catchers, backdrops, entrance areas, office spaces, gyms, bars and lounges, theme-park attractions, and many more.

MADRIX AURA makes it easier to create and operate such visual highlights. It is a powerful recorder and stand-alone playback unit from SD card for fully automatic lighting control.

As an easy-to-use and energy-efficient unit, it replaces lighting desks or bulky computers with their need for regular maintenance, updates, and administration in projects where no live control is needed. Available in three versions, it outputs 2, 8, or 32 universes of control data over Art-Net or Streaming ACN. It is a fully scalable solution to tackle any project size. Larger projects can simply be managed by connecting several devices over Ethernet network. The entire group is automatically synchronized across all DMX universes for flawless and uninterrupted playback. This makes sure that effects and visuals look best on the entire installation.

To make the entire setup process easier, MADRIX AURA allows live recording. You can record any Art-Net or Streaming ACN network stream onto the inserted memory card. Unlike any other solution, recording a beautiful light show with MADRIX 5 from the same company is as easy as pressing record and play. Any record started in the software automatically starts the recording process on the device.

You can run scenes automatically using the internal clock as well as the available sunrise and sunset timers in order to create time-controlled shows. All device settings, such as the important IP address and playlist settings, can easily be accessed and changed by using the built-in web configuration in a standard web browser.

With many additional features, MADRIX AURA was built to meet the different needs and requirements of today's lighting designs. Made in Germany, it also has 5 years of limited manufacturer’s warranty. The powerful yet compact playback unit for creative LED lighting is available now.

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Benefit from years of experience and industry knowledge. inoage® develops lighting software since 2005. Our dedicated team created the award-winning controller MADRIX® 5. We are located in the beautiful city of Dresden. MADRIX® is all about powerful yet simple products for creative LED lighting. This includes compelling tools for lighting management, monitoring, and control. We are proud to put our newest innovation into your hands. MADRIX® products are proudly designed, engineered, and made in Germany. We are creating high-quality products for you that are easy to use and reliable. Innovative features will bring you the best results.

And opting for such highly manageable products means that you can drastically reduce on-site support; and thus your time and costs.

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