Focal Point Launches AirCore Bridge™ Integrated Acoustic Ceiling System

Nov. 23, 2020
New integrated system bridges the gap between acoustical ceilings and lighting with a selection of configurations that adapt to the requirements of each space.

Chicago, IL – November 23, 2020

With AirCore Bridge, its new integrated ceiling system, Focal Point provides specifiers flexibility in designing for optimal sound management and lighting with linear baffle and luminaire arrays. AirCore Bridge spans light and sound by leveraging the acoustic performance of AirCore Blade and the powerful light engine of Seem® 1 with a variety of configurations that enhance architecture and human comfort.

AirCore Bridge is offered in three configurations: Truss, Cantilever and Cantilever Wave. Each uses the Seem 1 Suspended Direct luminaire as the primary structural support for the AirCore Blade baffles. Truss is a symmetric assembly where two Seem 1 luminaires running parallel constitute the rails that support perpendicular baffles, eliminating all baffle suspension points for quick and easy installation. Cantilever, as the name implies, has the acoustic baffles projecting from one linear luminaire with a suspension point at the other extremity, yielding the appearance of the baffles floating in the ceiling. Cantilever Wave adds to the visual effect with uneven length baffles resulting in a jagged edge at the suspended extremity. The slim apertures of the baffle and luminaire further contribute to the lightweight aspect of the structures.

“The new AirCore Bridge system truly exemplifies what a company that’s been involved in architectural lighting for over a quarter of a century can bring to this new and expanding integrated acoustic ceiling and lighting systems’ market. The quality of light is paramount and satisfies the expectations of lighting consultants, and the integration with our high-performance acoustical baffles is seamless,” states Michael McCoy, Director, Architectural Systems. “We leverage the strength of our engineering and manufacturing teams to provide integrated solutions that deliver performance, design flexibility, integration into interior architecture and, ultimately, enhance occupants’ comfort.”

Arrays can be specified to suit the needs of each application with luminaire lengths from 6' to 208', baffle lengths from 5' to 8' in 1' increments, baffle heights of 8", 12" or 16", and various on-center spacing of the baffles and luminaires. Further enhancing the interest of this system is the ability for lighting professionals to specify all the options that they expect from architectural luminaires, including direct lumen outputs from 125 to 625 lumens per foot, color temperatures of 3000K, 3500K, 4000K or Preferred Light®, dimming options to ensure compatibility with a variety of control systems – including Power over Ethernet (PoE) - and Flush, Batwing or 0.5" Pop-Down lenses.

Ease of installation was also front and center for the design engineering team who devised a baffle mounting bracket that ensures quick installation, stability, and straightness of the baffles. By eliminating the baffle suspension points with the Truss configuration and reducing them by half with Cantilever and Cantilever Wave, they minimized the work that needs to be performed in the ceiling by the contractor, saving time and money on the job.

As with the rest of the Acoustic Solutions portfolio from Focal Point, AirCore Bridge is available in a wide palette of PET felt colors which contain up to 50 percent of recycled content, are Declare Certified and Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List Free. The arrays coordinate with other luminaires and baffles in the collection.

The acoustic performance of the system relies on the patent pending, eco-friendly AirCore technology which maximizes sound absorption, reduces ecological impact, and provides a lightweight structure for easy installation.

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