Ketra expands the D3 downlight with new trim, adaptor kit

Nov. 16, 2020
New powder coated trim finishes include bronze, black, silver, and a paintable white option for a custom appearance.

AUSTIN, TX – Ketra, the LED lighting manufacturer known for creating the highest quality, most accurate Natural Light, is expanding its popular D3 Downlight product family with the launch of four new trim options and a Millwork Collar, also known as an adaptor kit for thick ceilings. These new accessories make the powerhouse downlight more applicable than ever, with versatile solutions to match a wider range of finishes, and accommodate thick ceilings, often made of materials like wood, tile or stone.

“The Ketra D3 Downlight has gained significant traction as our key recessed lighting product, with benefits including a slim, compact design; interchangeable optics with the ability to shape narrow to wide beams; and a fully wireless system leveraging Lutron’s Clear Connect Type X, which enables flexibility as your space evolves,” said Chris Udall, Ketra Business Manager at Lutron Electronics. “Now, with the introduction of several new trim colors, we’re able to support a much wider range of design palettes for the ceiling, often referred to as the ‘fifth wall’ of a space. What’s more, a new thick ceiling adaptor kit allows us to support a much wider range of building materials including wood and stone. These product updates respond to feedback we’ve received from architects, designers, and other specifiers that keep Ketra the best in the lighting industry.”

The D3 family is available for both commercial and residential applications and includes fixed, adjustable, and wall-wash downlights. Every model features low-profile housing, wireless communication, and optics and electronics that can be adjusted post-installation. All products in the D3 Downlight Family are compliant with California’s Energy Commissions (Title 24 JA8). D3 portfolio introductions include:

●       Expanded trim offerings: With three new powder coated finishes, Bronze, Black, and Silver, and a new Paintable White trim, Ketra’s D3 now offers trims for every style. Options include the potential to select flanged to flangeless (with or without panel trim that surrounds the light fixture), square to round and now the flexibility to choose paintable or powder coated finishes. All new finishes will match Lutron’s Finire downlight trims, to facilitate easy integration between the two product portfolios.

●        A Millwork Collar (Ceiling Adaptor Kit): With new solutions for thicker ceilings, including materials like wood, stone or tile, Ketra extends the versatility of its D3 family - which slides seamlessly into an expanded range of ceiling types. The new Millwork Collar kit provides an assembly tool to support installing trims and allows users to accurately locate and position the D3 within the ceiling opening. The kit will be available as an add-on to the D3 flangeless housing option.

"What we’re hearing from today’s customers is they want options, from decorative to functional. They also want to explore how to make the most of a budget,” said Shalom Illouz, CEO, Powerfull Systems, a Lutron dealer. “The new trim colors that match the Finire and Finire Prime downlight mean that customers can have a complete Lutron solution with a blend of Ketra’s premium solution in high-impact spaces and Finire downlights in areas where cost-savings is more important. The seamless integration of these two products - both from a technical and design perspective - means that there’s a cohesive and user-friendly experience throughout the space."

Ketra’s D3 downlight portfolio is wireless and leverages the Lutron Clear Connect Type X gateway, a ceiling-mounted device that integrates Ketra in Lutron’s Clear Connect operating system. Together, these technologies simplify installations and allow for continued adjustments as the space evolves - with the capacity to shift the position of lighting as needed. The D3 family is also equipped with Ketra's full suite of product differentiators, including:

●        A High Definition Palette, with the ability to produce 16.7 million colors with pinpoint precision, offering an unrivaled range of white, saturated colors and pastels.

●        A Dynamic Spectrum, tuning the amount of energy across the visible spectrum, with the ability to produce Natural Light, Natural Dimming and Vibrancy - a visual effect that changes how the colors of objects appear and is unique to Ketra.

●        Trubeam, or the ability to produce uniform color across any available beam angle

●        Color Lock technology, which indefinitely and persistently preserves the same quality of light throughout the lifetime of the product, recalibrating 360 times per second.

Ketra’s new D3 accessories will be available to ship in November. Products are sold through authorized Ketra dealers and quoted on a per project basis. Authorized dealers are located throughout the U.S.; find your local dealer here: To learn more, visit

About Ketra

Founded in 2009, Ketra offers the most advanced lighting system in the world, delivering high quality light that is flexible and adjustable, allowing for tailored lighting solutions to meet any consumer needs. Ketra’s revolutionary Natural Light gradually shifts in color, temperature and intensity to mimic the sun, making spaces feel seamlessly bathed in sunlight. With over 70 U.S. patents earned to date, the Ketra system is comprised of LED luminaires and lamps, controls, software and driver chip technology.

Ketra + Lutron

In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron Electronics, the leader in innovation, quality, and service for lighting controls and shades. In joining the Lutron family, Ketra gained a tenured team of experts from Lutron’s 60-year history that bring wisdom and top-notch quality and service. Together, Lutron and Ketra are building the complete luxury experience -- a seamless whole home or whole office environment that is greater than the sum of its parts. Beautiful Light. Intelligent Shades. Powerful Controls. All working harmoniously.




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