illumination Physics presents a new lighting system for large internal venue lighting

Oct. 30, 2020


The use of virtual diurnal daylight – A new lighting system for large internal venue lighting

The combination of warm white and cold white LEDs to produce variable colour temperatures is not new, Tunable White is well understood: However, illumination Physics has commercialised a new family of products to exploit this principle for the illumination of large venues such as theme parks, casinos and public entertainment venues.

illumination Physics “Rhythms”, provides an affordable space lighting system that can also influence mood and alertness. 

The physiological effects of light on circadian rhythms has been long well understood. The light/dark cycle of the sun has a powerful effect on the circadian clock, sleep, and alertness. Understanding these effects, you can manipulate light exposure to help yourself sleep better at night and be more alert during the day. The body’s circadian clock uses light and dark signals to tell the body what to do next: when to prepare you to be active and when to prepare you to sleep.

The colour temperature of the light to which the body is exposed also reinforces the effect of the light/dark cycle. As afternoon turns to dusk, the colour temperature will reduce from say 10,000 degrees Kelvin to approximately 2000 degrees Kelvin at sunset. The declining light level is followed in parallel by the lowering of the colour temperature. Working in parallel these two lighting effects help to trigger the secretion of melatonin and the lowering of blood, preparing the body to sleep.

If the colour temperature is manipulated so that it does not follow the light/dark cycle, the natural physiological rhythms can be manipulated.

This is well understood by makers of quality PCs. The normally high colour temperatures of 6000K say, used in the screen display during daytime, can be set to diminish in the evening and be replaced by warm colour temperatures (2700K), so that the user is prepared for rest. Conversely, if the settings are the opposite and so called “blue light” are used late at night, the user will be stimulated to be alert, and sleep will come less easily.

illumination Physics has developed a new Venue family within the IP Rectangular Series of flood lights that make use of the high efficiencies of Chip On Board technology (COB), in which circuits that drive the LED are integrated with the LED itself.

The Flagship model of this Illumination Physics Rectangular Flood Lights is the ‘Rhythm’.

Very high lumen output are available from a range of lights varying in power from 140 watts to 288 watts. Depending on the LED selected the light output can be as high as 72,628 lumens.

A range of colour temperatures from 1750K to 6500K are available at the extremes of the range.

The LED efficiency is extremely high. This will vary with the colour temperatures and other parameters selected but the average efficacy is 170 lumens per watt.

All this is achieved with a very high colour rendering index of 90, providing for excellent and vibrant recognition of colours of the illuminated environment. This is a vital attribute in entertainment and hospitality venues and any location where food is served.

These rectangular flood lights are available with lighting control accessories including colour filter holders, Barn Doors and snoots. 

The Illumination Physics Rhythm is a powerful lighting tool allowing the designer to influence both ambiance and moods throughout the 24 hours of each day: a particularly important capability in venues which do not close.


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