Lumetta Inc. Welcomes the Link Acoustic: the Newest Extension to Its Acoustic Sound Dampening Product Line

Aug. 3, 2020

Providence, RI – Lumetta, Inc., a U.S. based leading provider of custom-designed, decorative, commercial lighting products, announces the addition of an extension to its line of acoustic luminaires. Lumetta’s Link Acoustic is a creative combination of modular design and acoustic function conceived for ambient lighting and auditory comfort.

“We are pleased to inform you of the release of the Link Acoustic; our newest lighting solution that adds to and strengthens our designer Linear Acoustic series,” announces President and Founder, Bill Prichett.

“Our new Link Acoustic design is a unique and exciting extension of our Linear Acoustic series. The fixtures can be joined from end-to-end, creating various lengths and compositions for your specific and evolving environment. Independently controlled direct and indirect lighting and exceptional acoustic properties make this one of the most exciting lighting solutions yet! And, as with our Linear Acoustic series, these new fixtures provide extra value to our products and capabilities.”

The modular Link Acoustic lighting fixtures feature strong, angular lines and a 9mm recycled PET fiber acoustic shade profile. The fixtures are available in your choice of 20 vibrant colors, and can be designed in 1-, 2-, or 3-color felt configurations.

The Link Acoustic’s vibrant colors and textures, luminous intensity, and end-to-end connectivity allows lighting designers to highlight the strong aesthetics and the unlimited length of the design arrangements. The new line of acoustic fixtures further complements all of Lumetta’s pendants in the Acoustic series.

Bowen Wheatley, Lumetta’s Product Design Lead, stated, “Our acoustic product line is determined by our customers’ needs. The fixtures must be visually appealing and add significant value. First and foremost, we design products that will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

About Lumetta:

Established in 1992 and specializing in custom-designed commercial lighting, Lumetta is a national leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative, high-quality, decorative lighting solutions for commercial applications.

Our team of lighting engineers and design experts work with professionals in all commercial sectors, including medical, hospitality, education, government, retail, office and transport hubs; ensuring complete satisfaction and the best quality and professional service for all your commercial lighting needs. We are committed to providing superior customer service and product performance.

Most of Lumetta’s fixtures are made using our proprietary Lumenate®, a material designed and used exclusively for our luminaire shades. Lumenate® is washable, fade resistant; has antimicrobial properties, is designed to bring out vibrant colors, hues and patterns and is fully customizable to match colors and display custom graphics. For more information:


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