LightParts Supplies UVC Disinfection for Fellowship of The Woodlands

Oct. 22, 2020

LightParts recently supplied Luxibel B Air 2 indirect UVC disinfection to The Fellowship of The Woodlands for their video broadcast control room. The Luxibel B Air 2 is an indirect UVC air sanitizer utilizing two 55W UVC lamps, encased in an aluminum tube with fans at either end in a push/pull configuration. Potentially infected air is drawn over the UVC tubes and disinfected air is exhausted out the other end. The Luxibel B Air 2 can cycle the air in a 10’ X 10’ X 10’ room four times per hour. The Luxibel B Air 2 is distributed by ACT Lighting in North America.

Robert Mokry of LightParts said, “Several of our customers have asked for UVC disinfection products that can be used in occupied spaces. The IES paper that discusses application of UVC makes it clear that for occupied spaces, a desirable solution is indirect UVC. Indirect UVC is where the UVC emission is enclosed (as in the B Air 2), or the use of direct emitting UVC fixtures with UVC emission directed upward, away from people. This strategy greatly reduces the risk of human exposure to direct UVC emission. Once we investigated several indirect UVC products on the market, we determined the Luxibel B Air 2 is a great value – 110W of UVC power for a reasonable cost. And they are supplied and supported by ACT Lighting, a long time trusted vendor to LightParts”.





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