Exterior lighting unifies historic warehouse transformation with today’s urban living

Oct. 20, 2020

The original Try Street Terminal in downtown Pittsburgh served as a hub for shipping and manufacturing companies. Railway lines ran through the building, and trains could pull in to unload cargo. Constructed in 1921, the historic landmark has now been transformed into a vibrant residential community known as Terminal 21.

Strada LLC led the renovation project with a nod to preserving its heritage. The style of the warehouse itself was popular in the United States in the early 1900s, yet few remain today. Architects, therefore, sought to keep the original character of the building as they created the 205 loft-style apartments and accompanying amenities for its residents.

Luminis Lumiquad LQ627 bollards and LQ641 columns were selected by the Strada team to light the pathway and driveway along the First Avenue main entrance.

"We were looking for a minimalist aesthetic for the lighting so that the focus would be on the historic building," said Sean Beasley, principal at Strada. "The Lumiquad fixtures blend very well with the utilitarian nature of the façade.”

Fourteen LQ627 bollards line the pathway that spans in front of the main entrance. The 6” x 6” bollard is built with an aluminum construction and features integrated struts that act as a reinforcing cage. Lumiquad is designed to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas. The black finish is edgy and contemporary, but the effect unifies the site’s local heritage with today’s urban living.

An additional six LQ641 columns, with a similar aesthetic, complement the bollards as they illuminate the extreme ends of the circular driveway and along the city sidewalk adjacent to the roadway.

The concept of downtown living is relatively new for native Pittsburghers. Terminal 21 developers attract tenants by promoting its walkability to downtown offices and the nearby riverside bike trail, and the adjacent Pittsburgh “T” stop. And ensuring that building inhabitants feel safe and secure as they arrive on-site is critical.

Beasley selected a 3000K color temperature and Type V distribution for all luminaires to ensure warm, even illumination across the driveway and pathways.

The aesthetics of the illumination itself also provide an additional creative element to the landscaping. Each fixture is open core, so the exterior frame creates a distinctive pattern on the ground. Shadows cast by the LQ627 fixtures in particular, because of their proximity to each other, form squares that mimic the patterns in the loft windows above.  The effect is striking at night.

Pittsburgh winters experience a significant amount of freeze and thaw, so Beasley was also seeking outdoor fixtures that were robust enough to stand up to this challenging environment. Lumiquad is corrosion and water-resistant, with an IP65 rating and a lifetime exceeding 60,000 hours.

Feedback on the exterior lighting has been extremely positive.

“The client has told us that the ambient light has been well-received as potential residents arrive for tours in the evening,” said Beasley. “We had originally contemplated the installation of additional street lighting, but the Lumiquad fixtures provide the right amount of illumination to ensure everyone feels comfortable.”

PROJECT NAME: Terminal 21

LOCATION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

CATEGORY: Exterior Lighting



LUMINIS AGENT: Laface & McGovern Associates

PHOTOGRAPHY: Gary Yon Photography

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