California LightWorks introduces MegaDrive, new game changing grow light technology

Oct. 8, 2020
Patented lighting system installs in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

CANOGA PARK, Calif., October 8, 2020 – California LightWorks, a leading U.S. manufacturer of LED horticultural lighting, today announced the introduction of MegaDrive™, a game-changing new professional grow light system that delivers unparalleled results while significantly reducing both up-front and long term operating costs. By removing LED drivers from individual light fixtures, the new MegaDrive™ eliminates the need for electrical power connections throughout the greenhouse or grow room while significantly reducing up-front costs.

As the indoor and greenhouse horticulture industries mature, lowering operating costs is becoming essential to ensuring profitability. LED technology can significantly reduce operating costs through high efficiency, long fixture life and sunlight balancing.  However, LED technology adoption in the horticulture industry has been slow due to high up-front and installation costs.

The new MegaDrive™ system consists of a large central power unit connected to a series of up to 30 LED fixtures in a chain.  High voltage three phase power can connect directly to the central power unit, eliminating power drops to each fixture.  In addition, all the lights can be centrally controlled from the power unit.  The result is up to 80% less installation cost and 30% less up-front fixture cost.

The MegaDrive™ also features:

  • Up to 3.5 µMoles/Joule efficacy using Osram LEDs  ·Bluetooth Mesh wireless controls ·Light sensors for sunlight balancing\ ·Dynamic Spectrum control

“Using the MegaDrive™ to replace our outdated HPS systems, we were able to double our canopy space by going from a single level to two levels with almost no increase in power and heat,” said Wesley Williams, Vice President of Operations at Exotics Cultivation in Lompoc, California.  “We completed the whole installation in half a day with no additional electrical work. The plant response to these new lights has been incredible, far exceeding any other LED lights we tested.  We look forward to converting our entire facility to the new MegaDrive™ system.”

“The key to our success has been relentless innovation,” said George Mekhtarian, CEO of California LightWorks. “Having R&D and manufacturing stateside allows us to deliver breakthrough lighting technology faster than any of our competitors.  The new MegaDrive™ is yet another example of our commitment to maintaining our lead in this industry.”

The new MegaDrive™ patented lighting system is currently available exclusively from California LightWorks for both indoor and greenhouse applications.  The system is UL listed,  made in California and carries a five-year warranty. 

About California LightWorks: California LightWorks is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of LED lighting systems serving the indoor and greenhouse horticulture industries. California LightWorks, was founded in 2008 and is focused on research, design, and manufacturing of advanced and efficient horticultural lighting and controls. The company’s other products include SolarSystem®, a line of  smart LEDs for indoor professional grow operations, SolarXtreme®, a line of affordable LEDs for home and hobby growers as well the Greenhouse Professional series for the commercial greenhouse market. For more information, visit ( .


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