Pozeen Announces UL, DLC listed Commercial LED Grow Lights

Sept. 28, 2020

Shanghai, China – Pozeen has announced its commercial grade GLPC series LED grow light.

“The Pozeen GLPC is UL, cUL (UL8800 category) and DLC listed and designed for indoor hydroponic cannabis growth,” the team with the company explains. “The GLPC comes with optimized spectra for clone stage, vegetative stage and flowering stage. The fixture is available in 100W, 200W, 320W and 630W which can dim to off (0%) and boost to 110% through the integrated dimmer switch. The fixture can also activate worker-parent process  by daisy-chaining all fixtures through provided RJ45 data cord; all fixtures can be synchronized from any of the fixtures in the loop.

“The GLPC comes all-in-one with all the power, data and mounting accessories necessary for open-bed crop production; and can be easily mounted with grow racks for vertical farming with support mounting kits.

"Through the past 3-year engineering and 200+ times field testing, the GLPC is proven to maximize photosynthesis, growth, and yield with 2.4 times more yield and 55% less energy consumption,” they conclude.





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