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Aug. 31, 2020

Zumtobel Lighting is an internationally leading supplier of integral lighting solutions and controls for professional indoor and outdoor lighting applications. By using the best possible ergonomic lighting quality for an individual’s well-being with the responsible use of energy resources, Zumtobel combines the latest in lighting technology, design and energy efficiency providing unique benefits. This is clearly demonstrated by the company’s product innovations:  

SLOTLIGHT infinity

SLOTLIGHT infinity makes it possible to create a consistent continuous-row system without shadows or overlaps, using high precision light lines of up to 50m in length. The homogeneous light line forms an important foundation for its clean and sleek appearance. SLOTLIGHT infinity provides uniform illumination, even around corners, with virtually unlimited flexibility.

Available in recessed, surface mounted and suspended variants, SLOTLIGHT infinity is also available in an IP54 rated version, which is resistant to sprayed water and dust, ideal for sheltered outdoor areas.

Tried and trusted assembly steps and the clear separation of drywall construction and luminaire installation save considerable time during installation and reduce the risk of errors. SLOTLIGHT infinity is a complete plug and play system, which means that nothing more than a screwdriver is required. Therefore, as a first step, the luminaire channel is simply inserted into the mounting frame and fastened to the U-shaped plaster bracket using the slotted disk. Then the LED batten is pushed into place, the mechanical connection is completed, and through-wiring is effected by connecting all seven poles via one plug only. The SLOTLIGHT infinity optic is also supplied in a diffuser roll for easy installation of the continuous LED light. It is available in various lengths, which can easily be cut to size.

SLOTLIGHT infinity is perfectly integrated into concrete and is an elegant and architecturally sophisticated solution. The specific concrete moulding channel, which is available in lengths of one, two, three or four metres, ensures precise and flush installation in ceilings and walls.  The range also includes a streamline fitting SLOTLIGHT infinity slim which is 45mm wide and perfect for narrow installations.  The entire range is available in white, black and silver options.

With a luminous flux of up to 4500 lumens per metre (direct/indirect version), the consistent, end-to-end illumination of SLOTLIGHT infinity creates the perfect lighting solution without distracting reflections or interruptions.


Available in 4 different size options and with a luminous levels of up to 68,000 lumens, the CRAFT LED high bay luminaire is a top performer for a wide range of applications. The IP65 rated CRAFT provides precise light direction for square or narrow-beam light distributions. Luminous fields that do not overlap add extra uniformity and efficiency to every lighting application. Therefore, fewer luminaires are required and investment costs are significantly reduced. The luminaire is available in neutral white (4,000 K/CRI Ra 80/88 lm/W) or cool white (6,500 K/CRI Ra 70/100 lm/W) making it the optimal solution for almost any application. 

To achieve high-precision light direction, each LED has been assigned a separate lens, which means that long shelves can be illuminated as efficiently as spacious bays. The carefully engineered housing and reflector concept combined with the innovative lens optics ensure an optimised light distribution and glare control (UGR 22). Simple to install, CRAFT can be quickly and easily installed at high mounting heights – both suspended and directly mounted on a single TECTON trunking, thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight.

TECTON is a versatile, efficient continuous-row lighting system providing intelligent solutions for any lighting task, from LED light lines to emergency lighting. TECTON has a built-in 11-pole current conducting section and serves all functions such as power supply, lighting control and connection to emergency lighting, which are seamlessly integrated into this multifunctional trunking. Luminaires can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adapted to suit structural alterations at any time.

CRAFT has a unique design that incorporates a chimney effect for excellent thermal management, drawing away both heat and dust from the luminaire, increasing product life and reducing maintenance. Energy consumption can also be reduced, thanks to combination of LED technology and a dimmable converter as standard, making CRAFT a viable and cost-effective investment for the future.

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