Philips Professional Display Solutions brings home comforts to hospital patients in Belgium with 500-plus display installation

Aug. 27, 2020

Amsterdam, August 2020:  Part of a major upgrade to improve the comfort and care of its patients, AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV, one of Belgium’s largest and leading hospitals, has installed more than 500 new pro TVs and medical grade displays inside waiting and treatment rooms, providing extensive new entertainment and communication opportunities.

With over 1,182 beds and 300,000 patients seen every year, the AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV hospital has recently undergone a series of internal and external renovations to its facilities and equipment, including a major update to its cabling and connectivity.

As part of its commitment to its patient, the hospital, in partnership with Tele-Signal Electronics - a leading Belgium-based AV integration firm - has installed 500 securely connected 32” Philips MediaSuite and 19” Philips Heartline Professional TVs in order to bring some home comforts to its patients. 

Tom Roef, Sales Manager Professional TV commented: “Hospitals can be a scary place for patients and, here at Philips Professional Display Solutions, our strategy is always – whether for a hotel or a hospital ward – to help create a home from home entertainment experience. Mental health can be as important as physical health. With MediaSuite and our range of dedicated HeartLine bedside TVs, we’re able to tick all the right boxes to ensure the hospital is able to control and manage its communications in a simple and efficient way in almost any language, while at the same time offering patients a more comfortable and personalised experience.”

Healthy environment

Running on Android, Philips PDS’ Google-certified MediaSuite Pro TVs were selected, in part, due to the their extensive range of hospitality features – helping to keep patients entertained, with access to wide range of channels, popular apps, as well as being able to view content directly from a mobile device via Chromecast.

Philips PDS’ HeartLine displays are bedside TVs designed specifically for the healthcare industry, providing improved patient comfort, while adhering to strict and sensitively hospital regulations around health, hygiene and, importantly, security.

The TVs, which can be installed in close proximity to patients, are built using JIS Z2801 compliant antimicrobial additive in their housing to create a protective shield that impedes the growth of the most common microorganisms, such as Staphylococcus aureus (Gastroenteritis), Escherichia coli (E Coli) and Klebsiella (Pneumonia).

The HeartLine is also equipped with a toughened hydrophobic flat safety glass front, repelling fingerprints and making it easy to clean. It has no raised buttons, which means no crevices for germs to get into. In addition, galvanic isolation ensures the safest possible connection between the patient’s headphones, with no current able to pass from the headphone circuit into the surrounding electrical environment, ensuring the protection of both patient and sensitive medical instruments.

Leading cloud-based management and control solutions provider, Tele-Signal Electronics’ OSCART IPTV technologies was selected to control and manage all content provided on each display - as well as monitors located in waiting rooms and reception areas - whether displaying specific messages (in a specific language) on a single or collective basis.

Jochen Verbrugghe, owner of NV Tele-Signal Electronics, added: “Implementing our all-in-one OSCART IPTV platform onto Philips displays, patients are able to feel more at ease through informative video clips tailored to their specific needs. These clips can be displayed in many languages​, allowing all patients to enjoy the IPTV experience, regardless of their nationality.

Key benefits provided:

  • Interactive information: Welcome visitors, inform them and express the right image in a way they can understand, easily choosing, creating and displaying content on selected screens at any time.
  • Easy content updates: Content can be easily updated by the hospital staff based on single patient rooms and multi-patient wards to ensure that the right information or entertainment is provided at all times.
  • Remote upgrades: Software updates can be remotely deployed to ensure the latest features and security patches are installed. Updates are instant and can be directed to the entire set of screens or selected sectors.
  • Energy efficient: All the displays selected – including MediaSuite and HeartLine – require very low power consumption, which helps the hospital keep running costs down.
  • Future-proof technology: New IPTV and Digital Signage features can be quickly deployed without additional hardware or cabling, ensuring quick and cost-effective results. 

About Philips Professional Display Solutions

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