Echoflex Solutions Releases Open Loop CCT Sensor

Aug. 19, 2020
Combined CCT and photo sensing functions enable more homogenous, natural-looking light in projects with tunable-white LED luminaires.

Squamish, British Columbia (19 August 2020) – Echoflex expands its wireless systems for human-centric lighting with the Open Loop CCT Sensor. The new sensor adds correlated color temperature (CCT) sensing technology to an open loop photo sensor in a small form-factor. With combined color temperature and photo sensing capabilities, it enables systems with tunable-white fixtures to create a homogenous light field and a more natural-looking environment – making it an essential part of your human-centric lighting solution.

The Open Loop CCT Sensor is solar-powered and wireless, allowing it to be inconspicuously mounted to any indoor window mullion. There it can sense light levels up to 65,000 lux/6000 foot-candles with a broad color temperature range and transmit the values wirelessly to your system.

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