Comment Now on 2022 CA Title 24 Measures

July 28, 2020

The California Energy Alliance (CEA) has developed three proposals to help improve California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Codes and standards are better when stakeholders get involved - we need your input!

The proposals were developed to support the 2022 Energy Standards update and address: 

1.  Automated demand responsive control systems for 120-V receptacles

2.  A new design option that uses measured building performance as the primary method for verifying code compliance

3.  Development of a new data registry and repository for energy compliance forms and information

Comments are welcome through August 31, 2020 and may be submitted to CEA by email to [email protected]. Before providing comments, please read each proposal carefully. Focused comments that refer to sections, pages, or specific components of each proposal are most helpful and will be prioritized.

CEA is the only energy advocacy organization to have its code change proposals adopted as part of recent California Energy Standards updates. CEA's proposals are self-funded and developed by members in collaboration with interested public participants, industry experts, and the people working every day in California buildings.


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