Flexfire LEDs Launches the New Outline Series LED Strip Light with the longest run length of 131ft, using only 1.5w/ft with a high CRI of 98

July 17, 2020
Industry leader Flexfire LEDs creates an elegant, efficient LED strip light with 1.5 W/ft, 125 lm/ft, CRI up to 98, and run lengths up to 131ft.

Costa Mesa, CA: Flexfire LEDs launches the new UltraBright™ Outline Series, a low-output, low wattage LED strip light with near-perfect color rendering and extremely long run lengths. This means elegant, efficient lighting with clean, uninterrupted design and performance. The Outline Series is available in both 24V and 48V input and can be used to comply with Title 24 JA8, which guarantees safe, reliable lighting.

Having contractors and OEMs in mind, the Flexfire team worked hard to create specific features to help meet specifier demands, but homeowners can enjoy the versatility of this high-quality LED strip light as well. The Outline Series thrives in general accent and ambient lighting, such as brightening stairways, coves, bedrooms, and kitchens, or lighting up hotels, lobbies, bars, and restaurants. An IP65-rated version is also available.

“One of the major practical drawbacks of low voltage LED strip lights are the limited run lengths. Many applications require long runs of linear lights and the standard 20-30 ft maximum run lengths on the market are subpar,” says Brent Mauriello, CEO of Flexfire LEDs. “We set a goal to engineer a light strip that can be run in series for over 80 ft with limited voltage drop. With doubling the thickness of the PCB, using more efficient LEDs, and a few other tricks, we are able to achieve an incredible 82ft run length in 24V input and 131ft in 48V input. 

Top Features of UltraBright™ Outline Series:

  • High CRI up to 98 for near perfect color rendering
  • High R9 (95) and R13 (99) values
  • Available in: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K
  • 15-year warranty - longest strip light warranty on the market
  • Efficacy up to 84 lm/watt
  • Low energy consumption of 1.5 watts/ft
  • Low output up to 125 lm/ft4V or 48V input
  • Available in 24V and 48V DC
  • Max run length of 82ft (24V) and 131ft (48V)
  • Cut marks at every 2” (24V) and 5” (48V)
  • Made with high-density efficient 2216 SMDs
  • Can be used to comply with Title JA8 (for CCTs up to 4000K)
  • Double-layered 4oz copper PCB
  • Fully dimmable to <1%
  • Single-bin LED selection ensures color consistency
  • Newly-designed solder pads for effortless soldering

About Flexfire LEDs

Flexfire LEDs is the world leader in quality LED lighting solutions. Their unyielding commitment to creating brilliantly-designed, top-quality products matches their promise to provide educational resources with exceptional customer service. Constantly pushing the boundaries of modern technology, Flexfire continues to explore and challenge the global market by creating unique lighting experiences that are both beautiful and long-lasting.

The company also boasts an award-winning knowledgeable team of project developers and account managers to suit any type of customer and project. While the company has worked with well-known clients such as the National Art Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, Walt Disney Imagineering, Apple, Ford, Google, Marriott, and thousands more, they welcome projects of any size on or off-planet.

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