Synapsys launches new smart lighting range

July 8, 2020

An exciting range of products are now available for the control and integration of lighting systems from Synapsys.

The new Synapsys LiGO+ (and shortly the smaller LiGO2 for apartments and other small areas) provides advanced lighting features and also includes energy monitoring with easy connection to any BMS, home automation or IoT system, all using open protocols.

Technical Sales Manager James Barton said: “Lighting affects every facet of our life. We cannot operate without it, too much is uncomfortable, the shade of white can make us more or less active, and the application of colour can make even the most drab building look fantastic. It can also guide us to safety with emergency lights and signage. The Synapsys LiGO system can be commissioned by any competent person through the on board HTML 5 web pages, with no costly software or ongoing licence fee.”

To complete the range of lighting controls, Synapsys has exclusively partnered with Lunatone of Austria to provide single function controls, ballasts and sensors, all available through the new Synapsys eStore.

Synapsys Solutions offers interfacing, integration and communication solutions for the building controls industry. 

The Company creates simple, cost-effective building integration solutions to improve communication and co-ordination between building, plant and equipment. Their systems reveal the operation of a building to its users, helping their customers understand, improve and optimise how their building performs.

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