The Øresund Bridge switches to energy efficient and dynamic lighting designed by Light Bureau, a part of AFRY

June 29, 2020
The new lighting installation will light up on the pylons of the Øresund Bridge on 1 July at 11.15 pm, as part of the celebrations for the 20-year anniversary of the bridge.

The new lighting is a specially designed dynamic solution, where both energy efficiency and aesthetics are paramount. The event lighting itself, taking place to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the Øresund Bridge, is inspired by the bridge’s natural surroundings and reflects the fantastic colours in the sky over the beautiful blue sea during sunrise and sunset.

The project began in December 2019 and Light Bureau has provided the complete solution, including technical advisory, lighting design, project planning, custom designed constructions, technical infrastructure, establishment and programming in record time. The project has been realised in close cooperation between Light Bureau, subcontractors and the Øresund Bridge Consortium.

“Our solution is not just about energy savings, power and function. We have also put a lot of energy into the aesthetic expression of the lighting design on the pylons. We have worked across country borders, during particular circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic, and through a strong collaboration we succeeded in creating a custom-designed solution in record time. I am proud of both the whole team and of the results we have achieved,” says the project's chief designer Frederik Waneck Borello, Senior Light Designer at Light Bureau, who is looking forward to sharing the experience with the many users of the bridge.

The new lighting will save energy and reduce light pollution

The lighting system is custom-made to withstand the special winds and weather conditions at the Øresund Bridge. The old lighting system has been replaced with a new one, which creates a nice even lighting on the pylons. The lighting is established with narrow-beam luminaires, which minimise waste light and thus reduce light pollution and save energy. The Øresund Bridge Consortium expects that the new lighting system, which can now be controlled and dimmed as needed, can reduce consumption and create a considerable energy saving of up to 80% compared to the old lighting system.

Bengt Hergart, Director at the Øresund Bridge Consortium, looks forward to the modernisation of the lighting and not least to experiencing the new lighting scenarios, which from now on will highlight the bridge's 203.5 meters high pylons.

”We have worked on a strict time plan to deliver the lighting in time for the anniversary. I am happy that we succeeded, and that the lighting delivers exactly what we wished for. The light tests show an impressive and flexible lighting, which is considerably more energy-efficient at the same time as it gives the bridge a proper aesthetic expression,” says Bengt Hergart, Director at the Øresund Bridge Consortium.

The standard lighting is white, but the new lighting system allows the Øresund Bridge to work with coloured lighting in many layers in the future, which can be used to express the Øresund Bridge’s brand and identity on special occasions.

The bridge lighting will be switched on, on 1 July at 11.15 pm.

The Øresund Bridge will turn on the new lighting at 11.15 every evening from 1-5 July. During those days, people can look forward to an aesthetic experience and a lighting design on the pylons, specially designed for the distinct surroundings of the Øresund Bridge.

Facts about the project

Client: The Øresund Bridge Consortium

Lighting consultant and total supplier: Light Bureau, a part of AFRY

Subcontractor: Veolia

Subcontractors: Moho Works responsible for supply of frames, Sindal Stålindustri for supply of specially designed cases and shielding, LiteNordic and Martin Professional for supply of luminaires.

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