LED Phantom Donates Essential Face Masks to Frontline Workers and First Responders, Helps Save Lives

June 11, 2020

(ADDISON, IL) June 11, 2020--Imagine being a frontline worker, and all you have for protection is a filthy mask that has been worn for the last two weeks. Or, you might try rigging a disposable shoe cover to use as a mask. When he heard this, Peter Agarwal knew he could help. Within four weeks, he was giving away as many masks as he could put his hands on, saving frontline workers from COVID-19.

Agarwal didn’t just go out and hunt them down at a local pharmacy, though. He immediately made phone calls and used his connections to help design and efficiently manufacture and ship as many masks as possible—at his own expense. As soon as they arrived at his door, they were hand delivered to medical personnel and first responders, fulfilling his pledge to personally donate 20,000 masks.

The masks being donated include KN95 and a three-ply mask. The KN95 is a white, four-layer mask that filters 95 percent of airborne particles, including dust, smoke, gas, and air pollution. The disposable, three-ply mask is soft, comfortable, and breathable. Both masks are CE and FDA approved.

As a former respiratory therapist, Agarwal, CEO/Founder of LED Phantom, a lighting manufacturer, knows the importance of being protected from harmful viruses when working with infected patients. He said, “I talked to a bunch of my colleagues, my college friends, and some doctors in Milwaukee. They were saying the same thing. There’s no PPE.”

The doctors in Milwaukee went a step further and told him not only did they not have any personal protective equipment (PPE), but the hospital they worked at didn’t have a game plan to get it for them. “So, these doctors started buying their own PPE. They said, ‘We’re not going to walk into surgery without masks and proper gear because then we are in jeopardy, and so are the patients,’” Agarwal commented. He soon discovered they were not the only ones without PPE.

Agarwal knows the Chicagoland community is also worried about the lack of PPE for frontline workers and has found a way for individuals to get involved and help provide PPE, too. He put together a Go Fund Me account so anyone can make a donation to supply even more masks to those desperately in need (https://www.gofundme.com/f/frontline-1st-covid-19-rescue-fund ).

He hopes to raise enough money to provide 1 million PPE products to healthcare facilities in the Chicago region. So far, the fundraiser has raised $3,611 toward their $50,000 goal.

“One-hundred percent of donations will go directly into the acquisition and delivery of KN95 masks, surgical masks, and PPE for our frontline healthcare workers in Chicago’s busiest hospitals, immediate care, long term care, and senior living facilities,” he said. “We already have healthcare workers waiting for these masks at all the major healthcare facilities in the Chicagoland area.” 

Agarwal has made sure that his suppliers have given him their most competitive, wholesale rates for the masks so that every dollar raised goes as far as possible.

Those receiving the masks have been very excited and appreciative, flooding Agarwal’s inbox with emails. One of them came from the Bolingbrook Fire Protection District, saying, “Special thanks to LED Phantom for their donation of KN95 masks. These will definitely help us in the fight against Covid-19!”

For information about purchasing these masks for your companies, please visit http://trustedppe.com/.

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