Breathable Air Technologies Announces Revolutionary Combination Antiseptic and Anti-Virus Nano Technology Air Cleaning LED Light Panel

June 4, 2020

Breathable Air Technologies, LLC, announces the introduction of a revolutionary LED Panel fixture combining antiseptic and anti-virus UV air cleaning into one unit for the healthcare industry. The panel system cleans air while reducing air particles 24/7 with the light on or off. Working with its major contract manufacturer of LED panels Breathable Air Technologies can provide a 2x2 LED light panel with a self-contained ultraviolet light source, nano composite air filtration system, and industrial grade centrifugal fan providing protection against bacteria and viruses with or without the LED light on. Its antibiosis and anti-viral filter system eliminates viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene xylene, ammonia and TVOC concentrations.

The air filtration system consists of a separable plastic lattice with an internal four-layer constitution for dust removal, anti-virus, and decomposing organic gases. It consists of two outer layers (top and bottom) of a 30g/m² non-woven fabric for dust extraction, 180g/m² activated carbon layer for odor elimination, and a 300g/m² non- woven antimicrobial treated fabric made with nanometer material for decomposition of organic gases coated with silver ions which react with hydrogen sulfide ions in bacteria and inhibits their reproduction. Lumen output is 3,600 lumen's with a CRI>80, providing just enough intensity to deliver the volumetric effect of light required for specific clinical or patient areas. The cover is made of high-quality ABS/plastic with frosted diffusion for optimum light distribution that minimizes contrast between the fixture and the work plane.

ABOUT BREATHABLE AIR TECHNOLOGIES, LLC. Breathable Air Technologies is seeking to address a rare convergence of market need and technology. The market need is easily identified – the demand for new personal protection products and innovations that effectively lead to successful mitigation of airborne pathogens for personal safety for everyone. The technology is in the application of nano composite materials that have been proven to block more than 99% of particulates and airborne viruses suspended in the air including the COVID-19 virus and 650 types of bacteria, the super bug infection Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA and E. coli O-157.

Breathable Air Technologies was formed by Mr. Howard Weinberg, known as a strategic thinker specializing in unconventional approaches to the introduction of emerging technologies to major corporations and governments worldwide by virtue of his extensive background in the design, engineering and manufacturing of sensitive and disruptive technologies for the U.S. Department of Defense. His expertise today is being applied to the implementation of cost-effective solutions to the COVID-19 epidemic while maintaining sound technical and financial practices.


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