Maverick Energy Solutions Launches New Line of PPE Products to Support Pandemic Efforts Helping to Keep Employees and Customers Safe

May 29, 2020

(Carol Stream, IL )—Responding to the tremendous need for masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, Maverick Energy Solutions has launched a new line of PPE (personal protective equipment) products for contractors. With their unique connections and understanding of market challenges, Maverick was able to source two different types of masks in the hands of their customers in only three weeks.

Helping to keep both contractors and customers safe during the pandemic is a top priority for Eric Larsen, president of Maverick Energy Solutions. He said, “LED lighting installers and electricians are interfacing with business owners, in warehouses and offices. With concern over what could be brought into their customers’ place of business, we knew our distributors needed quality PPE to take care of their customers. That opportunity, to help people and minimize the spread of the virus, drove us to be ready to ship quickly.”

The new PPE products include KN95 and a three-ply mask. The KN95 is a white, four-layer mask that filters 95 percent of airborne particles, including dust, smoke, gas, and air pollution. The nose-bridge design and skin-friendly fabric means it can be worn without irritation. The disposable, three-ply mask is soft, comfortable, skin-friendly, and breathable. Both masks are CE marked.

To get the products to the marketplace quickly, Larsen explained, “We leveraged a lot of what we've learned in sourcing LED lighting when it came to procuring the masks. What it takes to be successful in sourcing is having a team that is skilled at evaluating vendors and partners, who knows exactly what our expectations are for quality, how our products have been designed, and are used to making sure we get a product meets our specifications and the specification of our customers. They helped us pull together all the elements very quickly.”

Maverick has been doing this for their lighting products for five years. To achieve their goals for the PPE products, they only needed to pivot. “We've gotten very good at finding the right partners who understand our needs and can manufacture our products efficiently, who are price competitive, and have the highest quality,” Larsen added.

“We saw a need where people can't find and get PPE, so we made the decision to move quickly, and we were able to help them out in three weeks rather than the normal 60-90 days,” Larsen noted. “We supply them with a good product at a good price. At the same time, it helps to fulfill a real need so that people can get back to work. That's a big deal for people to get back to work and feel safe. It means even more to us, to be able to give back and make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

To place an order for PPE, contact Maverick Energy Solutions online or call (214) 571-6374.

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