Lighting specialists to unveil innovative 2nd generation VAvR LED range

May 28, 2020

Leading Leicestershire lighting and electrical installations firm, Ventola Projects, is set to launch a new range of its unique VAvR LED lighting products later in the year, promising further cost and energy savings for businesses across the UK and beyond.

Having suspended its UK installations programme under the lockdown, the Ventola team embarked on an ambitious research and development project aiming to identify all and any improvements to an existing range that has won admirers in the UK, the US, Europe and the Middle East.

The systems use some of the brightest RGBW LEDs on the market and are specifically designed for multiple applications across the commercial spectrum, from subtle lighting that can improve productivity in the office to exciting animated light shows in the entertainment sphere.

Mick Ventola, founder and managing director of the company and one of the UK governments Department of International Trades export champions, described the goals of the R&D project.

The pandemic has affected us all, so we asked ourselves how we might identify marginal gains to each of our unique VAvR products that would add up to some bigger benefits for our customers around the world.

The first of those is cost, of course, so making our products even more robust means we dont have to factor so much maintenance and travel into our project costings and providing replacements will be reduced over time too.

Weve combined that with the introduction of a greater proportion of recyclable materials and components to minimise the environmental impact and had a root and branch review of our supply chain to identify further cost and carbon savings.

Theres also a growing appreciation of how effect lighting can influence peoples mood, so weve looked at broadening the way our VAvR systems can be applied in office environments to make them more comfortable for staff.

I think, at a time when were all concerned about the environment, budgets are likely to be squeezed for a while post-COVID and employee wellbeing will be at the forefront of employers’ minds, this package of enhancements will offer even greater value to businesses in a wider range of contexts.

This is a worrying period for businesses of all stripes, so the lighting industry should play its part in helping make life that little bit easier. Really, that was our motivation in conducting this round of upgrades.”

While the exact date of the UK launch of the innovative VAvR LED range is contingent on the easing of lockdown restrictions, elements of the new systems have been successfully trialed in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the release of a new brochure has already secured an order from a South Dakota family entertainment centre, due to be shipped in mid-June as areas of the United States unlock in a phased manner.

Ventola Projects is also looking at other ways to help the post-lockdown world and is currently conducting feasibility and compliance testing on a UVC LED product specifically designed to help businesses sanitise their premises overnight.

Under the UVC LED product, Ventolas RGBW LEDs will operate as usual during opening hours, before the UVC kicks in to cleanse the building after everybody has left at night. The option can be programmed into the systems of Ventolas existing clients or included in new installations.

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