Focal Point expands human-centric design solutions with PoE compatible luminaires

May 26, 2020
Advanced, technology-enabled luminaires optimize spaces for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Chicago – Focal Point continues to take a human-centric approach to lighting, going beyond illumination to provide solutions for commercial environments that not only deliver more comfortable spaces but also enable greater energy efficiency.

The company’s addition of a vast selection of Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatible luminaires furthers its ongoing support of smart lighting and advanced building controls technology throughout its portfolio. The introduction is one of the broadest offerings in the industry - linear luminaires, downlights, cylinders, pendants, and architectural troffers allow specifiers, contractors, and building owners to select luminaires that connect to leading PoE network systems, supporting a scalable building control solution.

“We’re adding to our wide array of technology-enabled luminaires by taking an agnostic approach to PoE,” says Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point. “Our goal is to make it easy for specifiers to select the right luminaire for each application and source all luminaires from a single manufacturer, knowing that the integration to a PoE system will be seamless. For building owners and contractors, it also means quick availability, as this technology is now a standard offering on all PoE compatible luminaires.”

Merging low-voltage power delivery, communication, and data collection through an Ethernet cable enables these PoE compatible luminaires to interface seamlessly with smart building management systems to transform interior spaces in ways that reach well beyond typical expectations of lighting. When connected to advanced PoE end devices, these luminaires become a part of the Internet of Things (IoT); enhancing the built environment with illumination that uses data to responsively tailor light to end user needs; contribute to cost savings and empower sustainable energy use.

PoE compatible luminaires facilitate more than illumination, they can help to reduce installation costs, enable optimization to meet lighting codes and standards, and improve overall building efficiencies. With this expansion, all Focal Point luminaires with PoE compatibility will be offered with PoE as a standard feature, making ordering and installation easier than ever. Focal Point is excited to bring this expanded capability to its partners in the specification, construction and facilities arenas.

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