Kenall licenses disinfection lighting patents to Pinnacle

May 18, 2020

Kenall Manufacturing has licensed visible light disinfection patents to Pinnacle Architectural Lighting of Denver, Colorado. Both lighting companies are part of Legrand North and Central America.

The patent licenses will allow Pinnacle to provide Indigo-Clean® visible light disinfection across a broad range of their product line, using the core disinfection patents from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Indigo-Clean employs visible light to disinfect and is safe for continuous human exposure.

Patrick Marry, President of Kenall, stated, “Kenall is moving into our next phase of championing disinfection using safe wavelengths of visible light. Sublicensing Strathclyde’s core patents using the Indigo-Clean brand will further expand the use of this unique, life-saving technology.”

Cameron Cole, President of Pinnacle, stated, “Pinnacle is pleased to be at the forefront of bringing disinfection lighting to a broader market. This is a natural benefit of both lighting companies being part of Legrand.”

Kenall and Pinnacle are leading manufacturers of specialized solid-state lighting equipment and controls as part of Legrand’s Lighting Sector. The companies focus on architectural and specification-grade lighting for offices, education, healthcare, laboratories and many other critical environments. To learn more about Legrand North and Central America, visit

Indigo-Clean is a registered trademark of Kenall Manufacturing, Inc.


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