OLEV delivers light for wellbeing in multiple form factors

April 27, 2020

OLEV shares and supports the approach of Filippo Cannata, internationally famous lighting designer, who has been collaborating with the company for several years. Innovation is the main goal of this joint experience, focused on finding an application capable of providing an ethical value to lighting products, in order to enhance the visual and acoustic comfort of the people who work or live in different environments.

The products are designed to generate emotional lighting, which is not static and fixed anymore, but can vary according to the time of the day or the desired atmosphere. All this is achieved through dynamic management granted by IoT systems.

The Dim to Warm technology allows you to control the light intensity and colour temperature by using a remote controller or an app. You can achieve the ideal illumination for every situation, moving from functional light to a soft atmosphere.

The Biolight system enables to set the lighting parametres in a completely automatic way and follow the circadian cycle - the cycle of natural light throughout an entire day -, which has great influence on the biorhythm of the human body. With the decrease of the alteration caused by long stays inside environments under constant artificial light, it is possible to achieve the correct alternation between moments of attention or focus and rest or relaxation.

Proving its dedication to well-being, OLEV has worked to reduce the noise in indoor environments using lightweight elements which combine sound-absorbing technology and lighting design. In this sense, natural lichen was the perfect choice, as it has certified sound-absorbing properties, it stays fresh and soft over time and it doesn’t require watering. It is also fire-resistant, antistatic and constitutes a hostile environment for insect reproduction.

The company’s focus on human care shows also from its participation as a main partner to the most innovative Italian research project on well-being and energy efficiency. Biosphera 3.0 is a completely self-sufficient housing module, designed with great attention to the relationship between architecture and human physiology.




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