Ubicquia Begins Shipping Ubicell 2.0 Streetlight Controller to Customers Worldwide

April 16, 2020
Delivering next-generation streetlight control, utility metering, location-based services and sensor connectivity with installation as simple as a traditional photocell.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Ubicquia®, the global leader in simply connected, simply smart streetlight and small cell platforms, today announced that its next-generation Ubicell 2.0 streetlight controller is now shipping to customers worldwide. Compatible with over 360 million streetlights globally, Ubicell 2.0 represents significant advancements in technology, network connectivity and intelligent data that greatly reduce operational and maintenance expenses for municipalities and utilities.

Ubicell 2.0 streetlight controller delivers:

  • Simple Plug-and-Play installation with global LTE network support
  • Lowest industry total cost of ownership without the need for Gateways or Concentrators
  • Single controller for all streetlights from 120V to 480V
  • Supports all dimming protocols including recently introduced DALI2
  • Utility calibration for emerging LED metered tariffs
  • Simultaneous monitoring of power usage and quality for LINE and LOAD
  • Stray voltage detection for metal poles
  • High accuracy tilt, vibration and knock-down detection
  • Last Gasp for communicating last known state after a power outage
  • Built in GPS data for integration with GIS platforms

Ubicell 2.0 integrates a suite of location-based services, as well as seamless connectivity for smart city sensors to manage pedestrian traffic and enhance public safety. Ubicell 2.0 is available in gray, black, green and bronze to complement existing streetlight fixtures and align with cities’ beautification standards.

“With over two years of development and more than 60 installations behind us, we have worked with our utility, municipal and distribution partners to deliver the industry’s most advanced and reliable streetlight controller while greatly reducing installation, operational, maintenance and networks costs”, said Ian Aaron, Ubicquia CEO. “We have done this at a price point of traditional streetlight controllers while integrating critical utility monitoring, location-based services and smart city sensor connectivity.”

“We’ve worked with Ubicquia for over two years and are installing their Ubicell streetlight controller in nearly twenty of our municipal projects”, said Mark Carter, Vice President of Smart Solutions at RealTerm Energy, a leading provider of energy-efficient turnkey LED streetlighting conversions for municipalities and utilities. “We believe their Ubicell 2.0 will significantly improve our ability to deploy smart city sensors and services for our customers to monitor critical infrastructure. We’ve deployed mesh systems in the past that require gateways which increase installation time, complexity, and cost. Our experience with LTE connectivity has driven faster deployments with better coverage while decreasing our customer’s operational, maintenance, and network costs.”

About Ubicquia

Ubicquia offers municipalities, utilities and mobile operators a cost-effective and expandable platform for deploying smart city, broadband and small cell services. The company’s Ubicell, Ubihub™ and Ubimetro™ product lines are NEMA socket-compliant and compatible with more than 360 million streetlights globally. Ubicquia is actively involved in organizations such as the US Conference of Mayors Business Council, GSMA, the CBRS Alliance, and the Illuminating Engineering Society to help drive efforts to make global smart connectivity a reality. To learn more about how Ubicquia can make your city simply connected and simply smart, visit www.ubicquia.com or follow us on Twitter @ubicquia.




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