Responding to next-generation needs, Focal Point expands Acoustic Solutions portfolio

April 10, 2020
Company aims to reduce workplace stress, creating human comfort and fostering creativity and style with new acoustical introductions.

Chicago – Looking to the future of the built environment, Focal Point has extended its ever-evolving line of acoustic products, leading the way to next-generation solutions for integrated acoustic and lighting needs.

Focal Point’s Acoustic Solutions portfolio was developed to transform interior spaces, in ways that reach well beyond typical expectations of lighting or acoustical products. These luminaires and acoustic elements help foster workplace culture by establishing zones for quiet versus collaborative work in a modern office; decrease stress as they reduce ambient noise and create perfect, comfortable lighting; or delineate visually inspiring areas like lobbies with design-forward pendants.

United visually by a wide-ranging color palette of environmentally friendly PET felt (which draws up to 50% of its material from recycled plastic bottles), Focal Point’s collection of luminaires and baffles creates a wealth of design opportunities, allowing designers to choose, coordinate and customize products while maintaining artistic vision. Yet each product also represents the union of thoughtful, powerful technological underpinnings with a beautiful exterior.

“Focal Point’s entire scope of acoustic products is built on the technical excellence we’re known for, combining thoughtfully-engineered, highly configurable lighting with equally well-designed acoustic panels, baffles and architectural luminaires that help curtail noise,” stated Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point.

By addressing noise pollution and lighting concerns — two of the most pressing issues in modern environments — Focal Point is bringing high design and performance together to positively impact spaces for the people who inhabit them.

“Our collection, recognizing that light and noise are two critical components of a healthy space, also helps to meet WELL building standards and assists with LEED compliance,” said Mike McCoy, Director, Architectural Systems at Focal Point. “With these added benefits, as well as our focus on beautiful modern design, Focal Point is stepping up to partner with our clients in holistic design planning, starting from the beginning stages of a project.”

The performance-driven luminaire manufacturer’s acoustic solutions offer architects and designers a seamless set of endlessly customizable products to fit every budget and need. Focal Point has recently expanded its acoustic offering with the following products:

Blume™ and Zyl™: The newest introductions, Blume and Zyl pendants share the wide-ranging PET felt palette featured throughout the Acoustic Solutions portfolio, in modern shapes that re-interpret nature. Created for visual impact, these beautiful, sculptural pendants allow designers the freedom to choose individual combinations of body and trim colors for a truly custom look, while integrating beautifully with other pieces in the collection. These pieces balance form and function to create high design with high performance capabilities.

Nivo™ Acoustic tiles, an acoustic companion to Nivo architectural troffers: Standard grid or cloud ceilings can take advantage of these integrated ceiling systems that address noise and lighting needs. The Nivo line allows for creative configurations that vary in height from flush to a 7-inch drop and can be grouped in clusters or used with or without troffers to create textured and patterned ceilings.

TruBladeTM: Focal Point’s TruBlade, a slim 9mm acoustic blade is customizable to 1-inch increments; comes in a wide range of PET felt colors and used in combination with the Seem® 1 Acoustic luminaires, delivers a total ceiling solution. TruBlade puts a seamlessly integrated system within reach, even for budget-conscious projects.

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