WUR LightLab first to be internationally accredited for light measurements

April 9, 2020

The Wageningen University & Research LightLab, a global leader in the world of light measurements, is the worlds first laboratory to be accredited to measure the opacity and other characteristics of greenhouse covering materials and screens in accordance with the new NEN2675 standard.

In horticulture, different light and semi-transparent materials (such as glass, foil, coatings, screens) are used in greenhouses to create a climate best suited to optimise the growth and quality of crops. For the horticultural sector, it is essential to have the best possible insight into the effect of greenhouse covers and screens in combination with different types of light on crops in the greenhouse.

The WUR LightLab (part of the Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture) measures the following characteristics of cover materials:

·     Light transmission to the greenhouse

·      Light dispersion in the greenhouse

·      The influence of condensation on the greenhouse cover material

·      Energy conservation of screens

Using unique, partly self-designed measuring equipment and strict protocols, WUR LightLab is a global authority. A fact that is confirmed by WUR LightLab’s ISO17025 accreditation as the first laboratory in the world permitted to perform measurements according to the NEN25675 standards.

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