Fire Farm Faces COVID-19 Challenge with New Products

April 10, 2020

Adam Jackson Pollock, founder and design principal of Fire Farm Lighting, has turned his design acumen and the production capacity of Fire Farm Lighting's factory in Elkader, Iowa, towards solutions that will immediately assist health providers on the front line of exposure to COVID-19.

Fire Farm Fabrication, an expansion of Fire Farm Lighting, has quickly designed, prototyped and hospital-tested two PPEs urgently needed and in short supply: face shields and protective intubation enclosures.

The face shields (F3S), a patent-pending design exclusive to Fire Farm Fabrication, are lightweight, eliminating fatigue and strap-pressure discomfort. They offer full, wraparound protection and there are no blindspots or impediments to vision when worn. Its simple design allows for flat shipping and can be assembled in less than a minute. The shields can be cleaned with soap and water for re-use (please refer to manufacturer's documentation for other cleaning options).

The protective intubation enclosures (aka PIEs) were originally devised by a Taiwanese doctor, Lai Hsien-Yung. Fire Farm Fabrication's version is an advancement over the original design as they can be shipped flat and easily asembled on-site. The enclosures are developed in partnership with and distributed by Cope Plastics in Hiawatha, Iowa.

Note: The shields and the enclosures are going into immediate production in Elkader, Iowa, to meet growing demand. Both products will be sold exclusively to healthcare providers and not to the general public.

COVID-19 Update: In light of the spreading coronavirus pandemic, Fire Farm has implemented new practices to protect our Iowa-based team and our contacts in the field. We are committed to working with you more than ever to provide you with innovative and affordable decorative lighting products, all of which are made in the US. Be sure to keep your family and friends safe as we weather this storm together. — The Fire Farm team


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