EnergyWare Selected to Install LED Lighting in 19 StayLock Locations Around the United States

March 6, 2020
EnergyWare LLC demonstrates its commanding and growing role as a major installer of custom commercial lighting with a new contract installing LED lighting at 19 StayLock storage facilities located across four states.

Sunrise, FL. - EnergyWare LLC, a full-service, nationwide LED Smart Technology Design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation company, has secured a contract to install custom LED lighting at StayLock Storage facilities located across four states.

EnergyWare is committed to using the latest, most effective hardware and installation techniques to create customized lighting solutions that meet their customers’ needs in terms of aesthetics, budget, and reliability. The company specializes in enhanced lighting infrastructure and has worked with clients from coast to coast, including enterprise-level organizations, smaller commercial clients, government facilities, educational and nonprofit groups. Their work helps create facilities that are brighter, safer, more welcoming, and energy efficient.

StayLock executives had noted that many of its storage facilities were underlit, creating both an inconvenience and a potential security risk for staff, customers, and goods stored at their locations. Based on the recommendation of a previous EnergyWare customer, another storage facility company, StayLock came to EnergyWare seeking a remedy for their concerns.

EnergyWare produced a series of customized plans that would see bright, uniform lighting created utilizing safe, energy-efficient LEDs installed in a custom layout throughout the facilities. StayLock accepted the plans and assigned the contract, which will be implemented with alacrity.

StayLock Storage has facilities located throughout the Midwest and East Coast that specialize in protecting personal goods, small business inventories, RVs, boats, and motorhomes. Their partnership with EnergyWare demonstrates a continuing commitment to ensuring their properties are safe and energy-efficient.

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